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Removals to USA •Shipping to USA • International Moving and Storage

Moving to the USA is an exciting life change and experts Greens Removals can make it all go smoothly. Operating from our UK base, we are an international company specialising in moving and storage, which provides shipping for both households and businesses at a competitive cost for removals to USA. Whether you are relocating to New York or travelling to Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, Georgia or New Jersey, Greens can take charge of the move for you.

Greens Removals is dedicated to quality and can provide you with expert advice on arranging your move abroad, as well as organising it all for you. Let us know if you need to book a container or air freight or have other requirements and we will ensure that your furniture and personal possessions are delivered safely to the USA. We are proud holders of all three British and European Quality Service Standards which are applicable to the removals industry and are BAR registered for overseas moves.

Removals to USA – get in touch now to talk about your move, or you can click here for a USA Removals Quote

Our removals to USA service could include any combination of the following:

  • A free quote for your move to the USA.

  • Packing services professionally carried out for you, or we can supply boxes and packaging materials for you to pack yourself.

  • Unpacking for you at the other end.

  • Support and all the information you need over aspects such as paperwork, shipping requirements and dealing with customs.

  • Transport to the USA, whether using a dedicated container, groupage service or air freight.

  • Transporting your specialist items, as well as pets and vehicles.

  • Full insurance for your removals.

Our quotes are geared to your individual requirements.

Greens regularly carries out removals to USA. We also have overseas experts who can offer personal advice about the move and make sure you are fully informed about all aspects of your relocation abroad.

Moving to the USA: About the USA

We probably all think we know the USA from countless TV programmes and films. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, since the USA is a very varied country with a great deal to discover and would probably take a lifetime to explore properly. It is the third largest country in the world in terms of population, with an estimated 315 million people living there, and stretches over 3.7 million square miles of land.

The USA has 50 states taking in a huge variety of terrain, from deserts to mountains, and an extremely varied climate, ranging from New Orleans and Miami, two cities with the nation's highest levels of rainfall, to Arizona, where it very rarely rains. It is also has one of the world's most multi-cultural populations, as a result of centuries of immigration from around the world.

As the world's largest national economy, the USA has a host of highly-developed major cities, including New York City, with Wall Street as the financial powerhouse at its heart. New York boasts a population of more than eight million and is said to be the city that never sleeps. Manhattan's famous skyscraper skyline is a big draw for tourists to visit, while the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building are both must-see attractions for anybody wanting a bite of the Big Apple. You could also take in a show on Broadway or visit Central Park to make a visit here complete.

Los Angeles follows New York in size, and has its own rich heritage. L.A. has hosted two summer Olympic Games and, of course, is the home of the film industry, with Hollywood still producing large numbers of new movies each year and attracting sightseers keen to take a studio tour. Other famous cities which attract vast numbers of visitors each year include Chicago, the 'Windy City', and Washington DC, the federal capital with its famous Capitol building and the White House, as well as the cities of Houston, Dallas, and many more.

However, it isn't just major centres of population which are among the main attractions of the USA. The country has many breath-taking natural landscapes including the Grand Canyon, which is one of the seven wonders of the world, as well as Niagara Falls, a world-famous beauty spot which is especially popular as a honeymoon destination, and the Everglades, Yosemite, Yellowstone and Redwoods national parks. Many visitors from the UK also travel out to visit the major USA theme parks, such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Moving to the USA: Local Customs and Etiquette

People from the UK carrying out removals to USA might assume that the rules of etiquette will be the same in both countries because we speak the same language and share so much in terms of heritage. However, there are differences between the cultures. For instance, in the UK, tipping tends to be regarded as more discretionary than in the USA, where it is expected as standard. You will be expected to tip waiters, bartenders, hairdressers, taxi drivers and people delivering food, and there may well be complaints if you do not do so.

Standard business hours are 9am to 5pm, but many businesses close on Saturday afternoons and in some areas opening hours may differ. For instance, in New York City, some offices will open and close later in the day, perhaps operating from 10am to 6pm.

Moving to USA: Electricity

In theUSA, the electrical current is 120 volts, 60 Hz.This means that you will need power adaptors for UK electrical equipment to work in the US. Another difference is that US TV has the NTSC standard rather than the PAL standard used in the UK.

Moving to USA : Time

The USA has six time zones, with the main four being Central Time (five hours earlier than Greenwich Mean Time), Eastern Time (four hours earlier than GMT), Pacific Time (seven hours earlier than GMT) and Mountain Time (seven hours earlier than GMT). Most US states observe daylight saving time during the summer months, meaning that the clocks move forward an hour.

Moving to USA - Visas

Foreign citizens looking to move to the USA on a permanent or indefinite basis will need an immigrant visa, and will later need to apply for a Green Card or permanent residence visa.

UK citizens can usually visit the USA for less than 90 days for business or tourism without the need for a visa, under the visa waiver programme. If you are not eligible for a visa-free visit, you can also apply for a non-immigrant visa for temporary admission.

Removals to USA – contact us now to talk about your move, or you can click here for a USA Removals Quote

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