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Packing MaterialsPacking Materials

Packing up for your moving day
Moving house and all of your precious furniture and possessions must be done carefully in order to protect fragile and delicate items and ensure that nothing gets broken in transit. It is not advisable to skimp on packing materials. Instead use the packaging materials used by professional removals companies and your treasured items will all be transported safely to your new home.

If we are packing for you then the cost of materials will be included in your quotation. Otherwise Greens Removals can supply a full range of packing materials for high quality, secure removals packing. All of the boxes we supply are made from recyclable cardboard.

Removals Packing - contact us now for prices and to order your removals packing materials

Choose your own packing materials
All the following items have been chosen for their versatility and usefulness. If you are not sure about what you need, consult your removal company. Remember that you will usually need more cartons than you think!

Pack 2
This useful carton begins where the old tea chest finished. Use it for normal household items such as china, glass, small objects, and items from the kitchen and bathroom. It is a strong box but should not be overfilled or overloaded.
Dimensions: 457mm × 457mm × 499mm (18" × 18" × 20")

Pack 6
A sturdy little carton, this one is ideal for books, LPs, CDs, DVDs, videos, fragile china, glass, porcelain and similar items which need extra care. It is an excellent all-purpose carton thanks to its roominess and ease of handling. And it is amazing value!
Dimensions: 457mm × 330mm × 330mm (18" × 13" × 13")

Archive Box
A strong carton designed for storing folders and suspension files. They have a hinged lid for convenience. Tried and tested in the office moving and storage world.

Wardrobe Carton
Made of heavy duty (recyclable) board these sturdy wardrobes have a metal 18" hanging rail locked-in capable of holding suits, jackets, dresses and similar clothes. They help keep your clothes in better shape than packing them flat.
Dimensions: 508mm × 457mm × 1245mm (20" × 18" × 49")

Mattress Cover
For single or double mattresses, these white polythene covers are ideal to keep off dust and provide general protection. They are very quick and easy to use - and very effective.

Single mattress: 3" 6"
Double mattress: up to 5" 0"

Utility Bags
What do you do with blankets, duvets and other bulky items that can be squashed? Put them into one of these white polythene utility bags. Endlessly useful around the whole house but do not overfill them!
Dimensions: 610mm × 1016mm (24" × 40")

Cotton Blankets
These strong but soft blankets are ideal for protecting furniture, they are easy to use and provide gentle but firm protection. If you have any pieces you want to give extra protection to, these are the materials to use.
Dimensions: 1050mm × 1800mm (41" × 71½")

Furnisoft/ bubble wrap blankets
Designed specifically to protect furniture with delicate or highly polished surfaces, Furnisoft combines all the protective qualities of bubble wrap with an extra gentle, non abrasive lining - perfect for customers searching for a modern alternative to a woollen blanket.

Bubble Wrap
This versatile material provides perfect cushioning for anything fragile. Do not use it on polished surfaces (such as a table) but for wrapping anything made of china or ceramic. Pictures, mirrors, lamps and similar items will enjoy added protection when you use bubble wrap. 750mm (30")