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Removals to Argentina - Shipping to South America - International Removals

Removals to Argentina

UK-based Greens Removals specialise in international removals to Argentina and all other South American countries. With more than 40 years' experience in overseas removals and storage, our fully trained staff are knowledgeable in making sure all your removals to Argentina run smoothly.

If you require international removals to Argentina, our aim is to make your relocation as stress-free as possible and we will adapt our shipping to South America services to meet your personal requirements.

For removals to Argentina we offer a variety of services including shipping in 20 ft or 40 ft containers (full load), a groupage (part-load service) or air freight. We can also provide any combination of packing, short or long term storage, and offer a full unpacking service on arrival at your Argentina destination. If you prefer to do your own packing however, our international removals service also includes the sale of packing materials including strong boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

International removals involve an additional level of complexity, requiring local customs regulations to be met. Our experienced staff will fully assist with all paperwork in connection with your move, including customs and shipping requirements. Greens also offer shipping to South America of specialist items such as pets, vehicles and valuables including artwork. We provide full insurance for ultimate peace of mind.

Removals to Argentina - contact us now discuss your move requirements, or click here for a shipping to South America quote.

A specialist move manager will be appointed to deal with all aspects of your move and to keep you fully informed throughout. We know that relocating to Argentina can be a worrying time and our aim is make sure your shipping to South America goes easily and efficiently.

Greens provide free quotations for all domestic and commercial removals to Argentina and will tailor your move entirely to suit your requirements.

Moving to Argentina: About Argentina

Argentina is situated in South America and shares its borders with Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile and Brazil. The population is mainly of Spanish and Italian descent, so culturally the Argentines seem more European than South American.

Its population is very educated and the main language is Spanish, although it is a variation of the language spoken in Spain and sounds a bit like Italian.

Moving to Argentina: Weather

Argentina has a climate as diverse as its landscape and it is very arid, or dry, in the south east but experiences sub Antarctic weather in the south west. Along the borders to the west of the country are the Andean mountains which attract many thousands of people every year for skiing.

The northern cities, such as Jujuy or Salta, can get exceptionally hot with temperatures in the high 30's. However, it drops below freezing for weeks on end in the southern-most tip of the country.

In fact, Argentina boasts the world's most southern city, Tierra del Fuego, which draws people for skiing and ice-skating in the winter.

However, in the more central cities, such as Buenos Aires, the temperatures can reach between 29-36C during the summer months, but it can drop to below freezing during the winter.

The hottest months in Argentina are late December and early January and the coldest months are between May to July.

Moving to Argentina: Religion

Roman Catholic is the official religion in Argentina although the government allows freedom of religion.

Moving to Argentina: Population and Economy

Argentina has a population of just over 40 million people and is the second largest Latin American country (after Brazil). More than 33% of the population live in and around the capital, Buenos Aires.

A century ago Argentina was one of the world's wealthiest countries but it was hit by recurring economic crisis in the 20th century which saw more than half the population live below the poverty line. From early 2002 the economy picked up and for the following five years (2003-2007) the country saw an 8 per cent annual growth rate. However, it was not as badly hit by the recession in 2009 as other countries.

The Argentine economy is well known for its agricultural production and among its main exports are grains and oil seed by-products, beef, cattle, wine and more recently high tech goods and services. It also exports gas and oil to neighbouring countries and other parts of the world.

Moving to Argentina: Food and Culture

Argentina has a very diverse cuisine mainly because most Argentines are of European descent. Although food is mainly Spanish orientated, it also has other influences such as German, French, Italian and British. Argentina also has a popular restaurant culture and it is not uncommon to see restaurants highly frequented.

The Argentines are great meat lovers and more meat is consumed per head of population than in any other country in the world. Barbecues are popular as are their mixed grills. Argentine beef is famous throughout the world and is generally eaten at dinner, which is the largest meal of the day.

A popular drink in the country is mate (pronounced mah-tay). This is made by pouring hot water over dried yerba leaves and is drunk through a metal straw with a strainer.

Moving to Argentina: Lifestyle and Etiquette for Expats

Argentina draws expats attracted by its landscape, laid back life style, weather and much more. The country is also said to attract a number of artistic types who live and work here such as writers and artists.

If you are relocating to Argentina, there are some customs and etiquette that you should keep in mind to help you settle in.

Family is very important in Argentina and this does not just include the immediate family but also extended family members. Honour also affects every aspect of Argentine life including home and business transactions.

If you are meeting people for the first time, start with the oldest or most important person first and greet them with a handshake. Argentines often use physical contact when speaking and stand very close, so don't be too surprised by this.

In business, the pecking order is important and the Argentines will want to make their business dealings with people of a similar ranking.

If you are dining at a person's home, do give the hostess a small gift. Also dress well and arrive about 30 minutes later than the allocated time because in Argentina it is not usual to arrive to a dinner party on time.

For removals to Argentina, contact us today for a quote. We provide competitive international removals and shipping to all parts of South America. We are also long-standing members of the BAR (British Association of Removers) so you can rest assured that your move to Argentina is in good hands.

International Removals - contact us now discuss your move requirements, or click here for a shipping to South America quote.

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