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“Really helpful and friendly service could not have been better.”
Client ID: 84234
Date: 21-05-2024

“Great crew. No damage to our items or building. First class!!”
Client ID: 80393
Date: 13-05-2024

“Prompt excellent polite very helpful sterling job.”
Client ID: 85859
Date: 09-05-2024

“Really good job. Would use Greens again!”
Client ID: 81982
Date: 08-05-2024

“Great service the guys were friendly and so helpful during the 2 days.”
Client ID: 84234
Date: 01-05-2024

“Excellent service.”
Client ID: 82941
Date: 15-04-2024

“Wonderful staff”
Client ID: 82483
Date: 09-04-2024

“Great sevice throughout. Many thanks.”
Client ID: 82820
Date: 08-04-2024

“Very good!”
Client ID: 66845
Date: 05-04-2024

“Very good service”
Client ID: 83494
Date: 28-03-2024

“Very good team who worked efficiently and got the job done. We were pleased with the results.”
Client ID: 83212
Date: 22-03-2024

“Excellent service provided by your team ”
Client ID: 83328
Date: 15-03-2024

“Just wonderful!”
Client ID: 82247
Date: 13-03-2024

“First class!”
Client ID: 83097
Date: 28-02-2024

“The two men were extremely helpful and made sure things were put where we wanted them.”
Client ID: 83959
Date: 27-02-2024

“Good men!!”
Client ID: 82258
Date: 02-02-2024

“Excellent service provide and great value for money”
Client ID: 80411
Date: 02-02-2024

“Excellent service and value for money”
Client ID: 82318
Date: 29-01-2024

“Excellent service”
Client ID: 82605
Date: 31-01-2024

“The service provided ws excellent as always. It's the third time I have used Greens Removals.”
Client ID: 79179
Date: 22-12-2023

“Your staff worked so hard we were very impressed”
Client ID: 75148
Date: 19-01-2024

“Loved the can do attitude nothing to much trouble, helpful and courtious at all times.  All staff but especially those that we met in person - would recommend.”
Client ID: 82082
Date: 23-12-2023

“Very good service.”
Client ID: 78827
Date: 02-01-2024

“Both days both sets of staff were excellent.”
Client ID: 81989
Date: 20-12-2023

“Very helpful and courteous staff - Grateful for all their help - Thankyou.  Also grateful for positivity!”
Client ID: 82180
Date: 15-12-2023

“Great service as ever - 4/5th time moved with Greens.”
Client ID: 73361
Date: 06-12-2023

“Excellent service - Very happy.”
Client ID: 81747
Date: 24-10-2023

“Excellent service from all staff.”
Client ID: 82022
Date: 01-12-2023

“Very happy with service thanks to all.”
Client ID: 79253
Date: 29-11-2023

“A really excellent packing service.  Really courteous and polite staff across the board”
Client ID: 79262
Date: 20-11-2023

“All guys were helpful and friendly thyank you for everything.”
Client ID: 81913
Date: 20-11-2023

Client ID: 82198
Date: 16-11-2023

“Team were amazing and very helpful.”
Client ID: 81716
Date: 30-10-2023

“Excellent service - Very happy”
Client ID: 81853
Date: 24-10-2023

“Fantastic team, went beyond what was required. Excellent service.”
Client ID: 81967
Date: 24-10-2023

“Well done guys lots of steps when I moved in.  Great job!”
Client ID: 79305
Date: 18-08-2023

“Brilliant service from start to finish.  Very courteous staff mindful of my belongings.”
Client ID: 79049
Date: 17-08-2023

“Very friendly, Personable service”
Client ID: 81617
Date: 10-08-2023

“Very friendly personable service.”
Client ID: 81617
Date: 10-08-2023

“A very good day made easier by your removal team.  They were helpful, Polite, nothing was too much, they were funny, making a stressful day much easier. Very good!”
Client ID: 81633
Date: 10-08-2023

“Excellent services provided by team. Excellent value for money”
Client ID: 80355
Date: 01-08-2023

Client ID: 79240
Date: 28-07-2023

“Made move as easy as possible when downsizing over 50%!”
Client ID: 79110
Date: 27-07-2023

“G,L and G were outstandingly friendly and happy.  Nothnig was too much trouble.  Greens are very lucky to have these men!”
Client ID: 79239
Date: 17-07-2023

“Extremley courtious and very helpful will definately recommend”
Client ID: 78930
Date: 30-06-2023

“Brilliant efficient and friendly - could not have gone better! Thanks very much!”
Client ID: 79281
Date: 21-06-2023

“Good job done on the day”
Client ID: 79211
Date: 21-06-2023

“Moving team very professional and worked really hard during a stressful time”
Client ID: 79079
Date: 18-05-2023

“Thyank you for all your hard work!”
Client ID: 79174
Date: 04-05-2023

“Overall a good/Satisfactory service with good/hard working staff”
Client ID: 79143
Date: 07-06-2023

Client ID: 79289
Date: 16-06-2023

Client ID: 80464
Date: 15-06-2023

“Five star service and more!”
Client ID: 79296
Date: 14-06-2023

Client ID: 78989
Date: 14-06-2023

“Thank you for all your hard work.”
Client ID: 79174
Date: 04-05-2023

“Moving team very professional and worked really hard to support during a stressful time.”
Client ID: 79079
Date: 18-05-2023

“Courteous and willing to discuss options many good suggestions re placement of furniture and storage of furniture.”
Client ID: 79210
Date: 10-05-2023

“The men were amazing and courteous very helpful nd would definately highly recomend.”
Client ID: 78949
Date: 10-05-2023

“The two guys we had were fantastic. They were incredibly helpful polite and good natured.  Their work on both days was impeccable and their communication throughout made for a really stree free move.  They are both a credit to your company. Please pass on our thanks”
Client ID: 78996
Date: 06-04-2023

“Team were fanastic - Cannot thank your team enough for a smooth and stress free move.  Thank you again - definately would recommend.”
Client ID: 78935
Date: 17-02-2023

“We had a excellent team they put us at ease and really were a "Can do team" Thank you so much.”
Client ID: 77074
Date: 27-01-2023

“The men were courteous  and caring most impressed.”
Client ID: 66669
Date: 02-12-2022

“Excellent - Thank you for all your help!”
Client ID: 77295
Date: 30-11-2022

“very useful information provided by estimator.  Excellent support from office team as well as moving team.”
Client ID: 77075
Date: 07-11-2022

“The move went to plan all your staff were easy to work with and very proffesional.  This meant that it was a less stressful process.”
Client ID: 75695
Date: 11-11-2022

“Fantastic service will recommend”
Client ID: 76896
Date: 12-09-2022

“As always Greens are tops!”
Client ID: 77022
Date: 10-10-2022

“Very friendly and helpful.”
Client ID: 78924
Date: 31-03-2023

“A very good, professional team.”
Client ID: 74608
Date: 31-08-2022

“Very happy with service; the men worked very hard in extreme weather conditions. Thank you.”
Client ID: 75629
Date: 11-08-2021

“The team and driver led by L were very competent and we were very pleased with the way they handled our stuff and placed it in our new home. We were very staisfied.”
Client ID: 74273
Date: 05-08-2022

“Excellent, professional service. Polite staff.”
Client ID: 75417
Date: 05-08-2021

“Great guys - A , L and G. Worked reallly hard with extra care. Thank you!”
Client ID: 74858
Date: 04-08-2021

“Would recommend this team/firm to family and friends.”
Client ID: 74918
Date: 20-07-2022

“My removers were G and A. They arrived promptly and worked efficiently and carefully. Both were courteous and helpful. With grateful thanks to all involved in my move.”
Client ID: 75768
Date: 29-07-2022

“In hot conditions lads did very well.”
Client ID: 75305
Date: 14-07-2022

“Very helpful removal men.”
Client ID: 75360
Date: 13-06-2022

“Great Service”
Client ID: 74975
Date: 22-04-2022

“Very satisfied with your service, thank you.”
Client ID: 75028
Date: 08-04-2022

“The two men were absolutely superb. I am very grateful to them.”
Client ID: 74578
Date: 28-03-2022

“A and L both worked extremely hard on the removal day in spite of being presented with a relatively difficult house to negotiate.”
Client ID: 67123
Date: 04-04-2022

“We were very happy with the service provided. We would recommend Greens to family and friends.”
Client ID: 68724
Date: 16-03-2022

“Brilliant Job Thank You!”
Client ID: 65528
Date: 28-03-2022

“A good job, very well done.”
Client ID: 74784
Date: 23-02-2022

“Very good service, very helpful.”
Client ID: 74085
Date: 16-02-2022

“Everyone has been very helpful.”
Client ID: 73372
Date: 13-01-2022

“I will certainly recommend the company to anyone who needs to move. The staff made the the day a pleasure. They were extremely hard working, courteous, kind and good humoured.”
Client ID: 74271
Date: 10-01-2022

“Very satisfied customer. The crew were excellent.”
Client ID: 74273
Date: 10-12-2021

“Punctual & efficient - Thank you.”
Client ID: 72004
Date: 07-09-2021

“Excellent service from start to finish. Great guys who helped us move. Punctual, friendly, polite a pleasure.”
Client ID: 73364
Date: 17-08-2021

“Fabulous team, got the job done quickly and very helpful in loading and disassembling etc. Would highly recommend.”
Client ID: 73361
Date: 17-08-2021

“We would recommend 'our team' and they were very helpful.”
Client ID: 67095
Date: 29-06-2021

“Very happy. Great service. Thank you!”
Client ID: 68780
Date: 15-06-2021

“Moving staff very accomodating and professional - would recommend.”
Client ID: 71770
Date: 27-05-2021

“Great service - Thank you.”
Client ID: 70173
Date: 14-05-2021

“Excellent work. Thankyou.”
Client ID: 69927
Date: 29-04-2021

“It has been a pleasure working with your staff who kept incredibly calm and patient at all times with us.”
Client ID: 68725
Date: 28-04-2021

“A very good service, polite and punctual. All in all very good.”
Client ID: 70255
Date: 01-04-2021

“I was very satisfied with the service you provided.”
Client ID: 67112
Date: 19-04-2021

“Service was excellent. Admin was very efficient. The guys doing the move were awesome - so amazed that they got everything loaded so quickly. Very impressed.”
Client ID: 70456
Date: 17-03-2021

“Your team were very efficient and most helpful thus reducing stress on the day. Thank you and them.”
Client ID: 70286
Date: 17-03-2021

“Brilliant job.”
Client ID: 70438
Date: 12-03-2021

“Three really good hard working gentlemen.”
Client ID: 70317
Date: 11-03-2021

“The crew were courteous and careful.”
Client ID: 69990
Date: 12-03-2021

“Very thoughtful and courteous team. Nothing too much trouble.”
Client ID: 69967
Date: 16-02-2021

“Brilliant service and really pleased with your team.”
Client ID: 69854
Date: 03-02-2021

“Everything from the survey to the final delivery was first class, particularly considering the ongoing Covid pandemic.”
Client ID: 70095
Date: 11-01-2021

“The team we had were excellent and cuold not have been more helpful. A credit to your company.”
Client ID: 69921
Date: 12-01-2021

“Brilliant - really helpful, polite crew. Great job. Thank you”
Client ID: 69933
Date: 22-01-2021

“Very helpful”
Client ID: 69823
Date: 27-01-2021

“The team were very professional and considerate. Very good service”
Client ID: 70113
Date: 02-02-2021

“Once again - High quality serivce for a reasonable price. Extremely polite and efficient work force. We would use Greens agaijn and  recommend to others.”
Client ID: 69927
Date: 15-12-2020

“The men were just amazing; thank you so much for all your hard work.”
Client ID: 69928
Date: 18-12-2020

“An excellent serivce provided by the crew - they went above and beyond to help me.”
Client ID: 68264
Date: 18-12-2020

“Very good and helpful movers! Thank you Greens.”
Client ID: 58636
Date: 29-05-2020

“The staff were good and represented the company well.”
Client ID: 66265
Date: 21-08-2020

“Excellent, hard working crew.”
Client ID: 66728
Date: 16-06-2020

“Very good team - happy and hard working.”
Client ID: 67166
Date: 16-10-2020

“The crew were very professional throughout the day, very friendly and polite. Couldn't have wished for a better team.”
Client ID: 68699
Date: 15-11-2020

“We found the serivce excellent all round. Thank you.”
Client ID: 68233
Date: 17-11-2020

“Very hardworking and willing to help.”
Client ID: 68384
Date: 27-11-2020

“The crew were very friendly and worked very hard. Nothing was too much trouble - no breakages or marks on anything. Thank you.”
Client ID: 67171
Date: 24-11-2020

“We haven't moved in 30 years - very content with the move.”
Client ID: 66034
Date: 02-07-2020

“Guys were FATASTIC! Very Helpful Thanks Very Much.”
Client ID: 66505
Date: 02-10-2020

“We were both very impressed by the enthusiasm,effort and professionalism of your excellent staff Anthony and Louis. Especially as temperatures reached 34 degrees.They were knowledgable friendly and helpfull and we would be happy to use the team again.”
Client ID: 67123
Date: 15-09-2020

The 2 members of staff who carried out the move were excellent !!

Excellent Service,Excellent Value for Money

Client ID: 66925
Date: 28-08-2020

“Considering the present situation (COVID) all was amazing.The three chaps were absolutely fantastic- I could not fault them and am very grateful”
Client ID: 67183
Date: 12-08-2020

“Punctual,polite and hard working. Great Job Thankyou”
Client ID: 66892
Date: 16-07-2020

“Apart from a mistake on the final invoice which was refunded the whole process went very well thank you”
Client ID: 66865
Date: 14-07-2020

Excellent all around

The removal men worked hard to make my move go very well.

Thanks All

Client ID: 66946
Date: 10-08-2020

“The teams on both days arrived on tome and carried out work to an excelent standard. They had a long wait to handover and were very understanding of teh situation thanks to all teams ”
Client ID: 67031
Date: 31-07-2020

“Would use again if moving back to the South. Have used Greens Four times now and would reccomend”
Client ID: 63361
Date: 28-07-2020

“Very good, swift and efficient move!”
Client ID: 66083
Date: 19-03-2020

“All good!”
Client ID: 66672
Date: 12-03-2020

“I would definitely use them again. ”
Client ID: 66303
Date: 04-03-2020

“Very efficient and amiable!”
Client ID: 66595
Date: 01-03-2020

“Made the move seem easy and efficient and would recommend. ”
Client ID: 66498
Date: 04-03-2020

“Excellent service and support from the team. Very pleased with everything that was for us. ”
Client ID: 66612
Date: 03-03-2020


Client ID: 66436
Date: 02-03-2020

“Outstanding, really made the whole move very easy!”
Client ID: 66668
Date: 28-02-2020

“First Class Service”
Client ID: 66291
Date: 18-02-2020

“Fantastic Job. Thankyou for helping us on our new adventure”
Client ID: 66635
Date: 15-02-2020

“Very good. Made the day easy!”
Client ID: 66046
Date: 05-12-2019

“Lovely friendly team, put me at ease. Worked hard, thank you.”
Client ID: 66474
Date: 05-12-2019

“Very professional and courteous team. Excelllent service, would absolutely recommend Greens Removals”
Client ID: 66420`
Date: 08-11-2019

“Excellent from start to finish!”
Client ID: 66466
Date: 27-11-2019

“Fantastic work, would recommend!”
Client ID: 66322
Date: 12-11-2019

“Excellent Service!”
Client ID: 66353
Date: 08-11-2019

“Both teams on both days were great! We would recommend your company.”
Client ID: 66094
Date: 30-10-2019

“A very professional team, good-humoured, skillful, great teamwork and helpful with everything!”
Client ID: 66155
Date: 29-10-2019

“Great job done, many thanks ”
Client ID: 65706
Date: 24-10-2019

“The staff were very friendly and accomodating, particularly regarding dates for moving. The removal men did a great job.”
Client ID: 65983
Date: 21-10-2019

“Very good, helpful and polite”
Client ID: 66236
Date: 15-10-2019

“Brilliant! Very patient.”
Client ID: 66166
Date: 10-10-2019

“The removal crew were very patient, helpful and courteous.”
Client ID: 66132
Date: 09-10-2019

“Superb workers, polite and diligent”
Client ID: 65837
Date: 27-09-2019

“Excellent team, very helpful and great manners. Will recommend. ”
Client ID: 66242
Date: 26-09-2019

“Excellent Service”
Client ID: 66191
Date: 20-09-2019

“Good Team - Pleasure to be around!”
Client ID: 66039
Date: 16-11-2019

“Thank you for a good couple of days!”
Client ID: 65751
Date: 11-09-2019

“Overall first class service. Nothing was too much trouble for the team. Very polite and obliging, thank you!”
Client ID: 66102
Date: 09-09-2019

“Excellent crew, hard working and efficient!”
Client ID: 66018
Date: 29-08-2019

Client ID: 65582
Date: 14-08-2019

Client ID: 65970
Date: 13-08-2019

“A great team - a pleasure to work with.”
Client ID: 65474
Date: 12-08-2019

Client ID: 65555
Date: 10-08-2019

Client ID: 65858
Date: 06-08-2019

“The Moving Team were excellent.”
Client ID: 65602
Date: 01-08-2019

“Great Work, Great team of Guys, Excellent”
Client ID: 65675
Date: 03-07-2019

“Brilliant, Excellent”
Client ID: 65777
Date: 04-07-2019

Client ID: 65455
Date: 03-07-2019

“Polite, Pleasant & Hardworking”
Client ID: 65550
Date: 28-06-2019

Client ID: 65377
Date: 27-06-2019

“Have used Greens 3 times and will use again,  All excellent”
Client ID: 63361
Date: 24-06-2019

“Very Good”
Client ID: 65709
Date: 24-06-2019

Client ID: 65254
Date: 25-06-2019

Client ID: 65612
Date: 20-06-2019

Client ID: 65503
Date: 11-06-2019

“Fantastic,  Thank you”
Client ID: 65598
Date: 11-06-2019

“Very satisfied, A very good service.”
Client ID: 65067
Date: 31-05-2019

“Excellent Service thank you!”
Client ID: 65585
Date: 30-05-2019

“Very friendly helpful staff.”
Client ID: 65597
Date: 29-05-2019

“Lovely crew, very helpful and courteous.”
Client ID: 65465
Date: 24-05-2019

“Excellent Service!”
Client ID: 65606
Date: 20-05-2019

“Very well organised, pleasant men to work with as they were very helpful and cheerful.”
Client ID: 63839
Date: 25-04-2019

“Pleasant and Polite, excellent service.”
Client ID: 65292
Date: 24-04-2019

“Pleasant team, very helpful, cheerful and polite!”
Client ID: 65265
Date: 18-04-2019

“Pleasant team, very helpful, cheerful and polite!”
Client ID: 65265
Date: 18-04-2019

“Can not fault the team, good humoured and keen to please. Absolutely no complaints!”
Client ID: 62540
Date: 17-04-2019

Client ID: 63193/63192
Date: 17-04-2019

“Excellent - Thank you so much”
Client ID: 65389
Date: 17-04-2019

“Very Pleased, will use again if required and would recommend.”
Client ID: 65376
Date: 11-04-2019

“The service was brilliant. The team were careful, courteous and friendly.”
Client ID: 65188
Date: 28-03-2019

“Very cheerful despite some tricky bits of furntiture.”
Client ID: 65378
Date: 19-03-2019

“A great job under extreme circumstances. Thank you”
Client ID: 63012
Date: 05-03-2019

“Packing and moving completed efficiently. Excellent service provided.”
Client ID: 64043
Date: 03-03-2019

“Absolutely excellent service throughout, took all the stress of moving away. Would definitely reccomend”
Client ID: 65108
Date: 01-03-2019

“A good job well done, thank you.”
Client ID: 65124
Date: 28-02-2019

“Everything went very smoothly on the day.”
Client ID: 63484
Date: 13-02-2019

“Fantastic Service both in the Office and from Removal staff.   Helpful & flexible, got me out of a very stressful situation”
Client ID: 65268
Date: 14-02-2019

“Worked really hard & so grateful for their efforts”
Client ID: 64092
Date: 25-02-2019

“Very Good, NIce Guys and Very helpful”
Client ID: 65151
Date: 26-02-2019

“Good Friendly, Efficient Service,   would certainly recommend Greens”
Client ID: 63721
Date: 11-02-2019

“Brilliant company,, Great Guys”
Client ID: 65101
Date: 31-01-2019

“Great Friendly Guys”
Client ID: 64020
Date: 31-01-2019

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