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Removals to Taiwan

Greens Removals provide removals to Taiwan and all parts of Asia including The Philippines, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and Singapore. Our removals to Taiwan service is tailored to your requirements and can include full packing, shipping to Taiwan and short or long term storage as well as the moving of specialist items, pets and vehicles.

For removals to Taiwan, we provide shipping via 20 ft or 40 containers (part load or groupage) and air freight. With all our international removals, including shipping to Taiwan, a specialist move manager is appointed to keep you up-to-date with all aspects of your move. We can also help with the paperwork and customs requirements to ensure your move runs smoothly and efficiently.

Removals to Taiwan - contact us now discuss your move requirements, or click here for a Shipping to Taiwan quote.

Greens has more than 40 years' experience in household and commercial removals and are the only East Anglian removals firm to achieve all three of the British and European quality standards awards. We are proud of our record of reliable, high quality removals to all parts of the globe including removals to Taiwan. We ship to all major towns and cities here including Tian Mu, Neihu, Tainan, Taidong, Taipei, Kaosiung, Taichung, Hualien, Mucha, Yung Ho, Taitung and Wulai.

Greens provide free quotes for business and domestic shipping to Taiwan and our service can include a combination of any of the following:

  • Packing and unpacking of furniture, personal items, valuables and breakables.
  • Supply and sale of packing materials such as strong boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape.
  • Assistance with all documents and paperwork
  • Insurance
  • Short or long-term storage at your destination
  • Shipping to Taiwan of documents, specialist items and valuables.

Just contact us via email for a free quotation, or call us direct to discuss your move on 01449 - 613053/612041.

Moving to Taiwan: About Taiwan

If you are moving to Taiwan, among its best attributes are the climate, low cost of living and beaches. The areas outside the cities are just as attractive as many other Asian tourist destinations, with stunning, sandy beaches and fantastic scenery. It is a friendly place too and whether you move here for job or personal reasons, you will find Taiwanese people very welcoming to foreigners.

The Republic of China, more frequently known as Taiwan, is situated off the Taiwan Strait about 180 km away from the south east coast of China. To the north east, are Japan's main islands and to the south are The Philippines. It has a population of 24 million and most people live on the island of Taiwan. The official language is Mandarin although about three quarters of the population speak Mandarin and Taiwanese.

Moving to Taiwan: The Economy

Taiwan's economy is highly developed. Together with Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea, it is one of the four Asian Tigers which all enjoy high growth rates. In fact its fast rise in economic growth during the latter part of the 20th century has been widely dubbed the "Taiwan Miracle."

Exports have been the main drive behind industrialisation which has contributed to an 8 per cent GDP growth rate over the last 30 years. Hi-tech industries and industrial parks are based in many areas throughout the country and Taiwan is a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics worldwide including laptops and smart phones. It is also a major investor in mainland China and other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. It has been dubbed a high income economy by the World Bank.

Moving to Taiwan: Living and Lifestyle

One of the first things that foreigners think about when they move to the country is where to live. This really comes down to proximity to the workplace and personal preference. The country is mainly mountainous with a chain of mountains running through it, offering impressive views.

If you like city living, some ex-pats like the scenery of the east coast and settle in cities such as Taitong and Haualien. Others prefer the west coast and cities such as the Taiwanese capital Taipei, where English is more commonly spoken. Taichung has a small foreign community and again English is widely spoken, Tainan is a traditional and beautiful city and Kaohsiung is a fast growing city with an international airport.

One of the things to keep in mind in the urban areas, however, is that there is a problem with air pollution from factories and transportation (ie scooters) in some of the more densely populated parts of Taiwan. Among of the worst places for this are southern suburbs of Taipei and in the west from Tainan to Lin Yuan.

Moving to Taiwan: Shopping and Transport

Getting out and about is easy as there are taxis all over the cities - just hail one by putting your hand out. Taipei has a good subway system called the MRT and there is also a convenient rail network in Taiwan, which stops at all the big cities. Traffic is hectic and chaotic, so be careful when driving or crossing the roads in cities and watch out for motorcyclists which zip through the traffic.

If you love a shop, the cities' night markets are a great place to haggle and get a bargain. They can be found in every city offer entertainment, food and clothing. If haggling is not something you like doing, you can find many shopping centres, shopping streets and department stores in the cities, offering fixed prices. There are also many 24 hour stores available.

Moving to Taiwan: Customs

If you are moving to Taiwan, don't forget some of the customs. Tipping is generally a no, no and is not expected by taxi drivers or in restaurants, where there is a service charge. You can however tip the bellboys in up market hotels.

Often gift are exchanged, especially among the younger people such as drink or food. Although you don't have to give a present in return straight away, you should eventually return the gesture with a similar gift. You are not expected to do this if you are in a classroom situation and are working as a teacher in Taiwan.

Drinking alcohol is acceptable but getting drunk is seen as bad form and immature.

Moving to Taiwan: Weather

Keep in mind that, especially on the east coast, Taiwan does experience typhoons - this a tropical storm system marked by many thunderstorms that produce strong winds and very heavy rainfall. Earthquakes are also common in Taiwan, but you will hardly notice the majority of these.

Moving to Taiwan: Food and Drink

Food in Taiwan has many local variations but in general is influenced from mainland China. Seafood, pork and rice is commonly found in Taiwanese food. Almost any type of fruit can be found here including Papayas and Star fruit.

Each city has its own specialities and Tainan in particular has a good reputation for food. Oily rice is a popular dish which stems from Tainan City and ingredients include rice with oils, shredded pork, dried shrimp and mushrooms

Finally, a word of caution - only drink water out of the tap in Taiwan if it has been boiled first.

Removals to Taiwan - contact us now discuss your move requirements, or click here for a Shipping to Taiwan quote.

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