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Shipping to Taiwan: A Guide to the Capital, Taipei

If you require removals to Asia, you are in good hands; at Greens, we work alongside one of the biggest relocations companies in Asia to ensure your shipping to Taiwan service runs as smoothly as our UK removals.

Greens have four decades' of experience in world-wide removals, including shipping to Taiwan. We are proud to be British Association of Removers (BAR) registered for international removals, so you know you can count on us for the safe arrival of your household and/or business possessions.

Meanwhile, if you require shipping to Taiwan, we ship full or half load 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers. As our removals are designed to suit your needs, we can organise a range of services, including short or long term storage if required, either in the UK or at your chosen destination. Just click on the link below to find out more.

Shipping to Taiwan - click here for full information on the service we provide or here for a Removals to Taiwan quote.

For those requiring shipping to Taiwan, we have compiled a brief guide to the capital city, Taipei. This gives you an overview on what to expect when you move here, some of the most popular tourist sites, a run-down on transport and housing and some of the main points to look out for.

Shipping to Taiwan, Asia: Settling in Taipei

Taipei is a port city on the country's northern tip. It's home to almost 7 million people in the metropolitan area and of these, 2.5 million live in the city itself, which is generally referred to as 'Taipei City.'

It's is a lively, fun, fast paced city with a rapidly growing economy, rising at a rate of 5 per cent a year. Taipei is blessed with almost full employment and an almost 100 per cent literacy rate. In addition to this, the city has one of the highest GDP per capita in Asia, second only to Tokyo. Taipei's strengths lie in its production of high technology and its components, precision equipment, clothing, manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment, shipbuilding and banking. It also has excellent transport links to all parts of Taiwan and abroad.

Once you move here, you will quickly discover that the city is laid out on a large grid system; although lanes, walkways and alleyways lie between the major roads. Its buildings are a mix of impressive, modern architecture and beautiful, ornate temples. And, if you like visiting the latter, just take a walk down Xinsheng South Road. It's easy to see why this road has been nicknamed 'the road to heaven' as you will find many religious buildings here, including temples, churches and mosques.

In addition to its impressive buildings, Taipei has plenty to offer locals and newcomers alike, from theatres to bars, and excellent shopping facilities, including vast shopping centres, 24 hour stores and busy night markets.

Once you move, here you will want to socialise and meet new people. Taipei has a small expat community and, if you can, it's a good idea to get in touch with some people based in the city in advance, so they can show you around and help you settle into your new surroundings.

Shipping to Taiwan, Asia: Places to Visit in the Capital

As well as its large population, Taipei is a major tourist destination welcoming three million visitors a year. As such you will find many places to visit including the National Palace Museum, which houses one of the world's best collections of Chinese treasures under one roof. You will find this gem in the Shilin district, one of the suburbs where a number of expats live.

Another must-see in Taipei is the most famous monument in the city - and indeed the country - the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. It's easy to find as it has its own metro station on the Xindian line. As well as the museum, the guarded statue of Chaing Kai-shek and the ceremony of the changing of the guards, there's also the incredible gardens where you can find people practicing martial arts in the very early hours of the morning.

If you are into buildings of note, another important landmark is Taipei 101, which made the record books as the tallest building ever built when it opened in 2004 - but it now ranks among the top 13 in the world. It is an incredible feat of engineering as it has been built to withstand typhoon winds and earthquake tremors. On New Years' Eve, the building plays host to an incredible fireworks display.

If you enjoy festivals, there are plenty of celebrations that take place throughout the year including the Lantern Festival, where thousands of red lanterns light up the night sky. Other festivals include Double Ten Day Celebrations (the National Day of The Republic of China) and the Dragon Boat Festival.

A guide to Taipei shouldn't go without a mention of its outstanding shopping facilities. If you love to shop, Taipei has lots of places to splash the cash, from vast shopping centres, to plush boutiques and night markets. Well worth a splurge is the Shilin Night Market, which sells everything from food to clothes and handbags. It's open from late afternoon to well past midnight and is your chance to grab a bargain and try out your haggling skills! If you don't like the idea of haggling, there's many amazing shopping centres including one at the base of the Taipei 101 building.

Shipping to Taiwan, Asia: Living in the Capital

If you are looking to settle in the suburbs, one of the most popular places for expats is Shilin, where rents are lower than more centrally based areas. Tien-mu has quite a sizeable expat self-contained community and most of the international schools are based here.

However, if you are looking to be more centrally located, the Da-An area is a good choice. It is considered a fairly upmarket place to live, and you can get a reasonable sized apartment for about £870 a month.

For something more luxuroius, try the Xin-yi area. This has been dubbed as 'the Manhattan of Taipei'. Rental properties in this area can set you back between £2,000 and as much as £6,500 a month.

Shipping to Taiwan: Transport in the Capital

Whether you are getting out and about in the city, or further afield, Taipei has excellent transport links. The metro is clean and safe and even has safe zones - areas of the platform which are under constant watch by cameras. The buses are efficient too and the time table is easy to negotiate as stop names are given in English. Other ways of getting about is by taxi – but, just like in the restaurants, don't tip the taxi driver, as this is considered 'not a done thing' in Taiwan.

For travel further afield, the city has two airports and these are: Taipei Songshen Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport.

Shipping to Taiwan - click here for full information on the service we provide or here for a Removals to Taiwan quote.

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