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Removals to Africa

Greens removals are a UK based firm specialising in international removals including removals to Africa. We have more than four decades of experience in shipping to Africa and whichever country you are moving to on this vast continent, we aim to take the stress out of moving house.

For removals to Africa we offer a range of services including shipping to Africa in full (20 ft or 40 ft) or part load containers, or air freight. We tailor our removals to Africa services to suit you and can provide any combination of packing, or short and long term storage. We also sell strong boxes and packing tape and materials if you prefer to do your own packing for shipping to Africa.

In addition to this, we also specialise in domestic or commercial removals to Africa of specialist items such as valuables, bulky goods and vehicles. For complete peace of mind we offer a range of insurance packages for shipping to Africa.

Removals to Africa - contact us now to discuss your requirements or click here for a shipping to Africa quote.

Whether you are moving to Kenya, South Africa, Mozambique, Algeria, Nigeria or Morocco, removals to Africa can be fairly complex as there are local customs regulations to comply with. However, here at Greens our knowledgeable team are well versed with international removals and can assist you with all paperwork in connection with removals to Africa including customs and shipping.

If you require removals to Africa, we will appoint a specialist relocation manager to help you with your move. They will keep you informed throughout the move to ensure the entire process of shipping to Africa runs quickly and efficiently.

Whether you are moving for domestic or commercial reasons, Greens provide free quotations for shipping to Africa. Read on to find out more about the most popular countries requiring removals to Africa from the UK.

Removals to Africa: Moving to Kenya

Kenya is named after the Mount Kenya, the second largest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. The country is one of the most developed in Africa, although there is still a large gulf between rich and poor.

You will find Kenya by and large a friendly place to live where, if you approach people with a smile, you are likely to get one back. If you are moving here, as with any new country, it is worthwhile learning the language, Swahili, as it all goes a long way to helping you adjust to your move.

Property prices are high and in the capital you can find apartment or gated town houses and most of these will employ private night security. If you are looking for schooling in Nairobi, there are many private and boarding schools with a good reputation, as well as international schools.

Removals to Africa: Moving to South Africa

South Africa is an extremely diverse nation, both geographically and culturally. As a whole though expats find it fairly easy to adapt to the culture and enjoy a high standard of living, a great climate and a wonderful outdoor lifestyle.

Cape Town and Johannesburg tend to be the most popular places for expats to settle. Johannesburg is the largest city and is situated in the wealthiest province. The second most populated city in the country is Cape Town, known for its harbour and world famous landmark, Table Mountain.

South Africa has a pretty stable economy and in the main emerged largely unaffected by the global recession. If you are moving here as an individual or with a family, South Africa has a world class health care system. There are also a number of good private schools, if you are moving with children.

Removals to Africa: Moving to Mozambique

The British rank second in the top 20 nationalities moving to Mozambique, behind the Portuguese, with cities such as Maputo (the capital) and Matola, popular places for Brits to settle.

The language spoken in Mozambique is Portuguese and if you are moving here even learning a few words will help you settle and adapt quicker to your new lifestyle as English is not widely spoken here.

Mozambique offers a more relaxed pace of life. You may also get help around the home, such as with cleaning or driving, which will free up time to do other things, like get involved in the community or to take up a hobby or new learning experience.

Housing is expensive in the capital but there are some gorgeous places to live and you can expect to pay £2,000 a month for a large four to five bedroom house, or £450 to £600 for an apartment.

Healthwise, there are a range of private clinics around or if you are in need of specialist treatment, South Africa is just a three hour drive away.

Removals to Africa: Moving to Algeria

If you are moving to Algeria, the language is Arabic and French. You will find two distinct types of people living in Algeria: the very conservative and religious, and those at the opposite end of the scale.

You will find an expat group of Europeans when you move here, so many people find it easy to make friends. In fact, the Brits rank second as the largest group of foreign nationals settling in Algeria, after Indians.

Expats find the standard of life in Algeria is generally good. Accommodation is more expensive than other countries in North Africa, but if you are moving here for work-related reasons, many companies provide flats or apartments and these are in safe and secure areas.

Public transport is limited and not very reliable so it is wise to get a car to get out and about.

Removals to Africa: Moving to Nigeria

If you are moving to Nigeria, English is the official language so it is easy to be understood. Many expats find adjusting to their new life in the country does take some getting used to as it is culturally very different.

Lagos and the capital, Abuja, are busy, chaotic and congested cities, so it takes a while to get used to the change. There is also a large gap between rich and poor. However, many westerners live on compounds, so they are to some extent detached from the outside.

Rent and groceries are expensive and rental agreements usually need a substantial deposit and a further ten percent on top of that for additional costs. Utilities are low cost but not very reliable.

Nigeria is a Muslim country so women in particular are advised to dress conservatively.

Removals to Africa: Moving to Morocco

Morocco is a very beautiful place to settle and you will feel welcomed as the Moroccans are by and large very friendly and accommodating to foreigners.

There are many different languages spoken in Morocco including the official language, Arabic, as well as French (often spoken in business) and English.

Expats generally enjoy a better quality of life compared to back home. Working hours are long, but staff help is affordable, and this frees up time to pursue hobbies and other interests.

Heathwise, the standards of health and dental care is excellent. If you are moving here with children, there are both French and English schools.

Shipping to Africa - contact us now to discuss your requirements or click here for a shipping to Africa quote.

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