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Top Ten Destinations for British Expats Undertaking International Household Removals

Each year thousands of British people seek international household removals in search of sunshine or a better lifestyle. While the majority of expats move house for work reasons, others relocate to study, move in with family members, or to retire abroad. This article looks at the top ten destinations for UK house moves abroad.

If you are considering removals from the UK abroad, it is important to choose a company you can trust. Greens Removals and Storage Ltd have more than 40 years' experience in home and office moves at home and abroad, and have a reputation for reliability and high standards of customer service. This is demonstrated by the fact that we have obtained all three quality service standards relevant to the removals industry, and we are BAR registered for international removals – so you know you can count on us! Read on to find out where most expats move to and why.

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Australia – With its outdoors and beach lifestyle, high standard of living with generous rates of pay and access to exotic parts of the world such as South East Asia, it's easy to see why so many British people move 'Down Under'. Among the top cities to move to are Perth, Sydney and Brisbane, and at the time of writing, professionals move to fill skill shortages in a variety posts including accountancy, teaching and engineering.

USA – This is the second most frequent destination for international household removals from the UK and, like Australia, it doesn't present the language barriers that other worldwide destinations have, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular. This and the fact if you buy a property in the US you are generally likely to get more for your money compared to the UK. Top places for British expats to move to are New York, Florida and San Francisco.

Spain – Land of sun, sea, sand and, of course, Sangria, Spain is a big attraction for British people looking for a better lifestyle. Among the jobs British people take up in Spain are teaching, digital media, sales, estate agency and market research, and there is a large proportion of retirees. Statistics show that of the three quarters of a million British expats in Spain, the three top places to live are the Alicante region, in and around Malaga, and the Canary Islands.

Canada – As the second largest country in the world, the landscape of Canada is very diverse, and of course, it is also a bilingual country with both English and French spoken. It is by and large a friendly nation with some of the highest levels of immigration in the world per head of population. British expats tend to settle around the cities of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, as well as the ski resorts of Calgary and Whistler.

Ireland – Around a quarter of a million Britons live in Ireland, drawn by the beauty of the scenery, the slower pace of life, friendly locals, and numerous pubs; and, as it is a short hop back to the UK by plane or boat, it is easy to visit relatives back home. Some of the benefits are the freedom of movement within the EU, and, if you move from the UK, you will continue to get your full state pension. Some of the popular places for British citizens to move to in Ireland are Dublin, Cork or Limerick.

France – France is another draw and as it is just over the channel, it is a relatively short journey to the UK at weekends or during the holiday period. Some people even commute from the UK to France or vice versa on a daily or weekly basis. Some of the reasons why people relocate here are the weather, diversity of the scenery, food, wine and the slower pace of life. Popular places to live are Brittany, Normandy, Paris and along the Mediterranean Coast.

New Zealand – This is a beautiful country to move to with a great climate – and of course, there's no language barrier either. More than 50,000 British people have made this country their home; there's a demand for skilled jobs and some of the positions that come up include jobs in IT sectors, tourism, media, finance, medicine, engineering and building work. Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch are among the popular places to live for expats.

South Africa – A greater quality of life, cheaper house prices, a sunny climate, wonderful beaches and sporty outdoorsy lifestyle is a big draw for organising international household removals to South Africa. Some 200,000 British expats – including nearly 40,000 pensioners have made the country their home and among the popular places to live are Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Germany – Offering a high standard of living, beautiful scenery, a strong economy and a vibrant, party lifestyle, no wonder Germany is in the top ten countries British people move to. Berlin and Frankfurt are among the popular places to live and Britons are lured by low taxes and cheap property prices.

United Arab Emirates – The UAE has been described as a cultural melting pot and offers a luxurious standard of living and great climate, where you can enjoy a tax free lifestyle! It is, however, expensive to live here although your wages will hopefully reflect the higher cost of living which includes higher rents and international school fees.

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