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International Removals to Denmark

If you need international removals, Denmark is just 773 miles away from England. With flights to and from London taking between 90 to 120 minutes (depending on which city you fly to) Denmark does not seem too far away. However, any move seems daunting at first, particularly an overseas relocation, so it is vital you choose a reliable and efficient company for removals to Denmark.

UK based moving and storage company Greens Removals carry out regular international removals to Denmark and other parts of Europe. We are often asked for oversees removals and have been helping companies and householders with removals to Denmark including the cities of Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Esbjerg, Odense, Randers, Kolding, Horsens, Vejle, Roskilde and other Scandinavian cities for more than four decades. Green's international removals to Denmark service is tailored to suit your requirements and we have a fully trained in-house team to ensure everything runs smoothly.

The Greens team is proud of its reputation for dependable and trustworthy international removals to Denmark, as well as other European and global destinations. Choose from a range of services: from short or long term storage, full packing and unpacking, part or full load and/or air freight. In addition to these, we also pack, load and transport bulky and specialist items such as musical instruments, cars, motor bikes and antique furniture. And if you prefer to do your own packing for removals to Denmark, we sell a complete range of packing materials for all your household possessions.

Greens provide high quality low cost international removals to Denmark. In addition to our experience in overseas removals we are also British Association of Removers (BAR) registered and abide by their stringent guidelines, so you can be assured of the very best standards for your removals to Denmark.

International Removals to Denmark - contact us now to discuss your move or click here for an international Removals to Denmark Quote.

Removals to Denmark: About Denmark
Denmark is the oldest monarchy in the west and the current Monarch is Margrethe II who has reigned for 40 years. Two further countries also make up the kingdom, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland.

Scandinavians have the world's highest job satisfaction ratings. Denmark has the lowest income equality in the world and the world's highest minimum wage. However, it is worth bearing in mind that expats will find it an expensive place to live compared to their homeland and Denmark has a higher tax rate. That said there are various benefits associated with these higher taxes, including the fact that the majority of Danish citizens' health care costs are met by taxes.

The country is regarded as a liberal society, as it became the first in Europe to legalise same sex marriages and give gay partnerships exactly the same rights as heterosexual couples.

It is also an advocate of reform on environmental issues. In fact, it was one of the first countries in the world to put in place an environmental law in 1973.

Denmark is also the home of children's favourite, Lego, which is sold globally, and is the birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson, whose fairy tales have been published in many languages world- wide.

If you are moving to Scandinavia and require international removals to Denmark, Greens can assist with all European removals and will do their best to take the stress out of your relocation.

International Removals to Denmark: Population
Denmark has a population of 5.5 million and of these around 10 per cent are immigrants or descendants of recent immigrants.

International Removals to Denmark: Climate

Denmark has a temperate climate with mild winters which average, in January and February, at 0 degrees centigrade. The summers average at about 15 - 16 degrees centigrade. Like Sweden, it rains often, so don't forget to pack your waterproofs. However, the country benefits from long periods of daylight in the summer, where you can enjoy up to 18 hours of continuous daylight.

International Removals to Denmark: Religion
Most of the Danish population (80 per cent) are affiliated to the Church of Denmark, an Evangelical Lutheran church. However, it exercises freedom of religion, although the Danish royal family must be part of the established church.

International Removals to Denmark: Languages and Learning
The official language here is Danish and the recognised regional languages are Faroese, Greenlandic and German. It is always recommended to learn the language of the country you are going to as it will help you adjust to your move, although English is widely spoken here.

International Removals to Denmark: Currency
Denmark has its own currency, which is the Danish krone (DKK).

International Removals to Denmark: Employment
Denmark has the freest labour market in Europe, where employers are able to hire and fire as and when they please. Establishing a business is very easy and can be done quickly (in just hours) and at a very low cost.

The income tax rate is high, and stands at a minimum of 42 per cent and VAT is set at 25 per cent, there is also excise duty and other fees. The working week is 37 hours long, with 30 days paid holiday entitlement.

Denmark has a below average EU employment rate and citizens between jobs are entitled to a generous unemployment benefit.

International Removals to Denmark: Health
Denmark has a universal healthcare system whereby all Danish citizens have access to state healthcare. It offers a high standard of healthcare which is financed by taxes, rather than social contributions. The average life expectancy in Denmark is 76 years for men and 81 for women.

International Removals to Denmark: Additional Information
Denmark is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

International Removals to Denmark - contact us now to discuss your move or click here for an international Removals to Denmark Quote.

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