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Removals to the Czech Republic

Even though it is a member of the European Union, the prospect of arranging removals to the Czech Republic may seem overwhelming at first. So it is important to choose a company that you can depend on for timely, trouble-free house moves. Fortunately, Greens Removals are highly experienced in their field have four decades of successful removals within the UK and to many European and world wide destinations, including domestic and commercial moves to the Czech Republic.

People decide to move abroad for a number of reasons, but the two most popular are to take up a new job opportunity and to enjoy a higher standard of living. If you move within Europe you will experience language and cultural differences. So, if you are organising removals to the Czech Republic, you will find it easier to settle if you at least learn some phrases in the language of your host country.

Whatever your reasons for moving house to the Czech Republic, here at Greens Reomovals we put our customers first and we will do all we can to make your move run smoothly. We provide removals to suit your requirements, so whether you require full or part load removals, packing, storage and unpacking, we can arrange this for you. Or, if you prefer to do your own packing, we sell strong boxes, tape and bubble wrap so you can pack your possessions safely and securely.

If you require any information about your home or office move, please contact our friendly team of staff who will be happy to answer questions about your European removals. As we are experienced in removals to Europe and removals to the Czech Republic, we will help you at every step of the way. We also provide assistance in filling in paperwork to ensure that you fully adhere to customs regulations.

Removals to the Czech Republic – contact us now to find out how we can help with your European removals or click here for a free quote for your move.

Living in the Czech Republic

Moving to a different country is always an exciting time: the Czech Republic offers some great opportunities for expats to enjoy a higher standard of living, immerse themselves in culture, and live in a historic city surrounded by attractive Gothic architecture...and you can enjoy cheap beer prices too!

If you are moving to the Czech Republic, the good news is that you will find an established expat community here. While most expats settle in the capital, Prague, which has a population of 1.5 million, you will also find expats in other cities too, including Brno, which is the second largest city with a population of 400,000.

Many expats take up teaching posts, work in banks or in the technology and communication industry, while some gain jobs thorough inter-post transfers (if they are working for an international company with a branch in the Czech Republic). The currency is still the Czech Koruna as the country hasn't adopted the Euro yet, although this is expected to come about in 2019.

Once you have organised your removals to the Czech Republic, and have settled in your new home, you will have plenty of chance to explore your surroundings and go sight-seeing. There are many wonderful places to visit, including Prague Castle, which is a prime tourist destination, and the Zoo, which is known as one of the world's best. But there are also other fantastic sights outside of the capital, such as the picturesque Cesky Krumlov, where you can tour the castle and grounds and climb the tower for unspoiled views. Others include Telc, which is a world heritage site, and the wonderful spa town of Karlovy Vary has attracted visitors for generations.

Weather in the Czech Republic

If you are moving to the Czech Republic, you can expect warm summers and cold, snowy winters. It is advisable to wrap up warm in winter as temperatures can get as low as -5C, although temperatures vary depending on altitude. In summer you can expect averages to hover at a comfortable 23C in June, July and August.

Religion in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is seen as one of the least religious countries in the world as only a limited percentage of the population actively follow a religion. Only one in ten consider themselves Roman Catholic and less than 1 per cent as Protestant. However, about 60 per cent believe either that there is a God, or some other form of spirit or life force.

Business Etiquette in the Czech Republic

You will find the Czechs very reserved when you first move to the country. And, in business relationships, it is important to remember that Czechs rarely refer to each other on first name terms outside their own family or friendship circle. So, when you meet someone for the first time, don't refer to them by their first name, unless they do so – it is always best to follow the other person's lead on this as it could cause offence.

Don't turn up unannounced to any meeting as it is expected that you should make an appointment in advance. If you are arranging an important meeting, avoid scheduling it for a Friday afternoon as this is when many business people head to their country cottages for the weekend. But whatever the time or date of your meeting, it is important to turn up on time as punctuality is vital.

Do greet people at meetings with a handshake and always make eye contact. It is considered rude to remove your jacket before the highest ranking Czech does so - again wait and follow their lead or this could cause some embarrassment. Make sure you are well prepared in advance of any meeting and that you have all the facts and figures to hand so you can answer any questions.

Removals to the Czech Republic – contact us now to discuss how we can tailor your removals to suit your requirements or click here for free quotation.

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