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Removals to Shanghai • Shipping to Shanghai • China Shipping

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Moving to Shanghai

Greens Removals provide competitive low cost removals to Shanghai for all household and commercial moves. Whether you are moving to Shanghai China or are returning to the UK, we offer a full range of China shipping services including transportation in dedicated containers, groupage and air freight.
Based in the UK, with over 40 years trading history, Greens Removals have a long-standing relationship with one of the largest relocation companies in Asia. This enables us to provide reliable, stress-free removals to Shanghai and throughout China.

We are committed to providing high quality shipping, storage and removals to each and every one of our customers. Greens Removals are BAR registered for overseas moves and hold all three of the British and European Quality Service Standards relevant to the removals industry.

Removals to Shanghai - contact us now to discuss your move, or click here for a Shipping to Shanghai quote

Our Shipping to Shanghai service can include the following:

  • Free quote of your move
  • Expert removals packing of your household or business premises to ensure items are packed to withstand the long journey to Shanghai. Alternatively we can supply high quality packing boxes, paper and tape.
  • Shipping to Shanghai. Depending on the size of your load we offer the following options: a dedicated container, part load (groupage service) and air freight service. Air freight is the fastest option and is useful in conjunction with container shipping to transport essential items you will need on arrival. When we receive your enquiry our overseas moves consultants will offer a personal consultation to ensure that you have all the information to make the right choices about your move.
  • Full support with customs clearance, shipping requirements, filling in paperwork and providing any other advice you require relating to the move.
  • Unpacking at your new home.
  • Short or long term storage
  • Removals insurance
  • The transportation of pets, vehicles and specialist items.

All quotes are tailored to your requirements.

We have offices across China and provide shipping to Shanghai on a very regular basis.

Moving to Shanghai : About Shanghai
Shanghai is a fast-paced, bustling modern metropolis which is going full pelt and leading the way forward for the rest of the world.

As one of the world's leading cities, it has seen tremendous growth over the last 20 years with new buildings and developments popping up all over the city.

The importance of this flourishing city cannot be underestimated. It enjoys a dominant position as an economic, financial and international trade hub and the city never stops. It is also a major centre of culture, fashion, science and technology.

Often seen as the focus of the booming economy of China, it enjoys a massive influential position at the centre of commerce between East and West and is a multi-national core of finance and business.

Shanghai was formally a fishing and textiles town, but rose to prominence in the 19th century mainly because of the advantageous position of its port. It was among the cities which was opened to foreign trade with the 1842 Treaty of Nanking and became a dominant centre of commerce.

Now, the city is all set to become one of the world's main global financial centres, which will put it on par with London and New York.

It played host to the 2010 World Expo which drew around 73 million visitors to the city and during this time a staggering $45 million dollars was spent, with much of this going towards bettering Shanghai's infrastructure.

Moving to Shanghai : Population
Shanghai is situated on the estuary of the Yangtze River in East China. It is the most heavily populated Chinese city, with a population of just over 23 million.

Most people who live in the city are Han Chinese (98.8 per cent). Not surprisingly as Shanghai is the gateway where China first met the west, it also has had an influx of foreigners. In 2007 there were recorded to be 133,340 foreigners living in the city. Some these are taking up residence long-term.

The people of Shanghai can enjoy the highest life expectancy in the whole of China. Life expectancy is 80 for men and 84 years for women.

Moving to Shanghai : Climate
Temperatures can vary quite considerably from season to season as the city has hot and humid summers and chilly, damp winters.

In the winter, temperatures can drop below freezing at night time. The highest ever recorded temperature was 40 degrees centigrade and the lowest ever recorded temperature was -12 degrees.

There can be typhoons in the summer, as well as at the beginning of autumn.

Moving to Shanghai : Religion
As such as cosmopolitan city, as you would expect there are people of all different religions in Shanghai.

The dominant religion is Mahayana Buddhism with the largest Buddhist Temple, Longhua Temple although other important temples include the Jing'an Temple and the famous Jade Buddha Temple, where visitors can marvel at the jade Buddha statue.

Another prominent religion in Shanghai is Taoism and there are several temples in the city.

Shanghai also has a Muslim population. The Xiaotaoyuan Mosque is where the Shanghai Muslim Association is based, which has a worldwide reputation. In addition, the city is home to the largest population of Catholics in mainland China.

Moving to Shanghai : Languages
Shanghai has its own local language, Shanghainese, which is a dialect of Wu Chinese, although the official nationwide language is Mandarin.

Moving to Shanghai : Economy
Shanghai attracts global investment and is one of the most prosperous cities in the world. As well as being set to become a global finance centre, it also aims to be an international shipping centre.

Shanghai port is the world's busiest container port.

It takes a major role in the financial world and in 2009, in terms of trading volume, the city's financial Stock Exchange ranked third among worldwide stock exchanges.

Shanghai has a number of industrial areas and in 2009, heavy industry accounted for 78 per cent of gross industrial output.

Moving to Shanghai : Education
Shanghai is rightly proud of its educational system, which is one of the most developed in China.

It also leads the way in higher education with more than 30 colleges and universities based here including some of China's most prominent universities. Of the total population 22 per cent are recorded to have a college education.

Shanghai was also the first city in the country where year 9 education was made compulsory. In a test of the world's state schools, the city took the top spot with the students ranking the highest in all subjects.

Moving to Shanghai : Attractions
This bustling city attracts many tourists and it has plenty to see and do here.

Famous places to visit include The Bund, a famed tourist attraction, the stunning Yuyuan Garden (one of the region's finest gardens), The former Shanghai Race Club building in People's Square and the rapidly developing magnificent Pudong Skyline.

The Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone and the Shanghai Stock Exchange can be found in Pudong and among the landmark buildings are the Shanghai World Trade Financial Centre, the Jin Mao Building and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

The city has a number of museums which include Shanghai Museum of Art and History, which is home to some of the world's best Chinese artefacts. The city is also home to the

Shanghai Natural History Museum and also the Shanghai Art Museum, which is in the former Shanghai Race Club Building in People's Square.

Shanghai's Disneyland Resort is due to open in 2013 and when it does, it will be one of the largest of Disney's resorts.

Moving to Shanghai : Transport
Although the city often experiences frequent traffic jams, it is easy to get out and about in Shanghai by public transport. The city has a good system of buses, taxis and the metro - which is the longest metro network in the world.

The city's three major railway stations are Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. Once built, the Shanghai - Beijing High Speed Railway will be the most prominent high speed railway line in China.

It has two international airports, Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport.

Removals to Shanghai - contact us now to discuss your move, or click here for a Shipping to Shanghai quote