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Moving to Germany

Greens Removals are a UK based removal company, who offer European removals to Germany. If you are moving to Germany from the UK, or returning the other way, our competitive removals to Germany service will transport your belongings safely to your new home or business premises, with the minimum of fuss.

With over 40 years trading history, we have been moving customers to Germany including the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen, Bremen, Hanover, Leipzig, Duisburg, Nuremberg, Dresden, Bochum, Wuppertal, Bielefeld, Bonn and Mannheim for a very long time and have perfected our service to a fine art.

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For all removals to Germany we can either provide you with the following options:

  • A dedicated service which means that your belongings are packed into one of our lorries and transported directly to your new home. This is the fastest, most direct option.
  • A groupage service - here your items are grouped together with other small consignments that are travelling to the same destination. This will take longer to arrive as it can take some time to fill the lorry, but it is more cost effective for smaller loads.

Please be aware that one of the worst problems our drivers face when delivering in Germany is gaining access to properties, particularly in rural areas where country lanes can be very narrow, or in the major cities, where traffic and parking can cause difficulties. If you think there might be problems gaining access to your German property it is best to warn us in advance, and we will work with you to find a solution. Discovering delivery problems when the truck arrives can cause delays and incur extra costs.

Moving to Germany : About Germany
Germany has a vast and powerful economy, the largest in the European Union, and is a centre for many international businesses.

It also has the highest population in the EU, with 81.8 million people living there and plays a major role in Europe.

With its enormous economy and high standard of living, the country has become a popular destination for expatriates from around the world. Here, the expatriate community can benefit from the country's high standards of schooling, well-run infrastructure, efficient public transport and a fantastic healthcare system - which is in fact the world's oldest universal health care system.

The country is the second largest exporter and third largest importer of goods. Often at the forefront of technology, it has been home to many influential scientists and inventors. It is also known for its extensive history and culture.

Moving to Germany : Visa and Work Permits
Germany has a superb social security system, which enables its citizens to be looked after at a comfortable level whether they are ill, unemployed, disabled or retired. Workers pay about a fifth of their gross income into this system, which is then matched by their employer.

UK citizens, or people from any other EU country moving to Germany, are routinely given a residency permit when they register their address with the Burgeramt. Those who have a valid passport, or identity card, do not need a work permit. All EU nationals have the same rights as Germans - so they too can enjoy working conditions, equal pay, social security, access to housing, vocational qualifications and trade union membership. Immediate dependants and family members can also move with the working member and also benefit from the same rights.

Moving to Germany : Schools in Germany
Free education for children also applies to expatriates. However, in the state schools classes are taught in German, which can cause a problem for non-German speaking expatriates. This is generally fine if children start their classes at kindergarten level, or at the early stages of primary education, but can present difficulties when children are older. In this case, international schools are usually a preferred option for older children, especially if the child is only going to live in the country short-term, as the curriculum will be similar to the one they are used to.

It is possible for the children to start kindergarten at three years old, but this is optional and there are fees for those who attend. Compulsory schooling starts from age six upwards and is free for children who attend a state primary school in their local area. The child's progress is monitored throughout their education and students must achieve the set requirements in all their subjects before moving onto the next stage.

The next step is lower secondary school, vocational colleges and higher education. The entire compulsory education period is free all the way up to university level and lasts about 12 - 13 years, depending on where in the country the child lives. Children cannot be home educated in Germany.

Moving to Germany : Health Care
Germany has an outstanding health care system. Health care insurance is compulsory and is taken from a worker's salary and matched by their employer. Those who are self-employed must make their own arrangements. However there is a good selection of insurance packages to choose from.

As such a big part of the workers' salary goes to health care, the standards and quality of treatment is high. Offices of a health specialist, dermatologist or other practitioner can often be found on the high street. You can just walk into these offices and book an appointment straight way, without a GP referral. It is also easy to visit your GP in Germany as doctors can be seen on the same day the appointment is made.

It pays to be healthy in Germany as those who take an active part in protecting their health, can get a bonus from their health insurance fund. High income earners can either stay in the state system or go for private insurance. Those with lower incomes can join one of the compulsory sickness funds (there are 300 of these).

European Removals - contact us now to discuss your move, or click here for a Removals to Germany Quote

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