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Removals to Thailand

Removals to Thailand - Greens provide domestic and commercial removals to the Far East including removals and shipping to Thailand, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore. If you are one of the tens of thousands of British people who are relocating abroad and are looking for a reliable removals company, Greens are a company you can trust. We have more than 40 years’ experience in the removals industry, are BAR registered and have gained all three of the British and European quality standards - assuring you of a professional and high quality removals to Thailand service. We also have a long standing relationship with one of the biggest relocation companies in Asia to ensure your move runs smoothly from start to finish.

Removals to Thailand - contact us now for more information, click here for a free shipping to Thailand quote.

For removals to Thailand we three types of transportation.

  1. Shipping in dedicated containers - This means the transportation of your goods in a 20ft or 40ft container, containing only your consignment. This is the most secure way of shipping your valuables and furniture.

  2. Groupage services - This involves sharing a container with other cargo. It is a cost-effective way of shipping domestic or commercial loads.

  3. Air freight - Here your goods are transported by by air to your new home in Thailand. This is the most expensive option, so it usually used for small essential items that you will need quickly on arrival.

We also offer full packing and storage, if required.

Our shipping to Thailand services include:

  • Free removal quotes and competitive pricing

  • Help with all paperwork including customs paperwork and shipping requirements. We also provide help and advice for all aspects of your move.

  • Full packing and also unpacking at your destination. We also sell strong boxes, paper and packing tape.

  • Insurance

  • Transportation of specialist items including valuables, pets and vehicles.

  • Long and short term storage.

  • Shipping in dedicated containers, part load and air freight.

Moving to Thailand: About Thailand

Tens of thousands of British people move abroad each year as part of a job relocation or to enjoy a better lifestyle. Statistics in 2006 showed one person every three minutes moved country, which amounted to an incredible 207,000 British citizens taking the plunge. Of these, those who choose to settle in Thailand do so either as part of a job move or because they are drawn by the pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, laid back lifestyle and friendliness of the Thai people.

Originally called Siam until 1939, Thailand is located in south east Asia and borders Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. It is is a constitutional monarchy and King Rama IX is currently the longest serving head of state who has ruled since 1946.

The capital of Thailand, Bangkok, has nine million inhabitants. Bangkok is the economic hub and is home to the headquarters of the country’s main commercial banks. Many international banks also have a base here such as Bank of China, Bank of America and Deutsche Bank.

Thailand’s economy has grown rapidly since 1985, which can be attributed to exports and its success in the tourist industry. The country thrives on tourism, drawing visitors from overseas to popular destinations such Phuket, Ko Samui, Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Pattaya, Krabi as well as the capitol city. Bangkok has earned its name ‘The Venice of the East’ partly because of its multitude of canals and colourful floating markets. In fact it was dubbed by CNN Go as the number one city to visit.

The country is the biggest rice exporter in the world, so it is hardly surprising that rice is the most important crop in the country. Thailand also exports computers, cars, textiles, footwear, rubber, jewellery and fishery products. It has a population of around 64 million people.

Language and Religion

Thai is the official language in Thailand and around 95 per cent of Thais regard themselves as practising Buddhists.


Thailand has a tropical climate with temperatures around 28 - 40 degrees centigrade. It is humid and hot all year round with temperatures reaching their highest from March to June. The coolest time is November to the end of February. The rainy period is from July to October, with tropical monsoons September time.

Thai Traditions

Like in many Asian cultures Thai people give considerable respect to their elders. The Thai greeting, called a wai, is the most important thing to learn. This involves joining your hands together with the fingers pointing upwards and the head bowed. Usually the younger person offers this greeting first. The same greeting is given if you were to visit someone’s house, with the visitor performing the wai. You would also perform the wai first to someone who has a higher social status, regardless of the person’s age.

The feet are considered the dirtiest part of the body so it is considered rude to point with your feet. Another thing to avoid is touching someone’s head. It is also disrespectful to step on a Thai coin with the King’s head on it.

Public displays of affection by couples are not permitted in Thai culture.

When eating there should be several dishes on a table and guests should always try a bit of everything.

Women should take special efforts to make way for the passing of Buddhist monks to prevent any accidental physical contact.

The Thai dress is usually modest. Western dress is acceptable, however you should avoid showing a lot of skin, except when you are on the beaches.

National Sport

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is Thailand’s national sport and stems from the military training of the Thai warriors.

Removals to Thailand - contact us now for more information, click here for a free shipping to Thailand quote.

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