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International Removals to Norway • European Removals • Moving and Storage

Moving to Norway

For international removals to Norway, Greens has long been a company you can depend on. Although geographically speaking Norway is a relatively short distance away, removals to Norway are still much more involved than moving within the UK. It is therefore essential you choose an international removals company like Greens that is reliable and experienced.

Greens frequently carry out domestic and commercial international removals to Norway. We have been helping our clients move to Norway and the Norwegian cities of Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim and Tromso for more than 40 years. Our experienced staff will tailor our services to suit your needs so you arrive at your destination stress-free.

The Greens Removals team are trustworthy, efficient and friendly and we do all we can to make sure your move to Norway runs smoothly. For international removals to Norway you can opt for a dedicated service, otherwise known as a full-load where all your possessions are packed into one lorry and delivered direct to your destination, or a groupage service, a part load where your goods are joined alongside other consignments for delivery.

A full load is the quickest and most efficient of deliveries for international removals to Norway as goods are delivered direct. However, a dedicated service is ideal for those whose possessions do not fill a full lorry and have a limited budget as you share the lorry and transportation costs. All our customers' possessions are itemised for full peace of mind.

For all our overseas and European removals our staff will professionally pack, load and transport your goods to your chosen destination. We will also expertly pack and move difficult or more specialist items such as cars, motorbikes, pianos, artwork and other valuables.

European Removals - contact us now to discuss your move, or click here for a Removals to Norway Quote.

Removals to Norway: Customs Clearance
Norway is not part of the EU and therefore customs clearance is required. You will need to fill in form RD0030 which is a vital piece of paperwork needed to import your personal effects into the country. The declaration is key to getting your household goods cleared by Customs in Norway.

Greens Removals can present this form to Customs on your behalf, but it must be signed by you in advance.

The RD0030 form should contain a list of your personal effects and state whether they are new or used. You won't have to pay customs and excise duties on these goods providing that you have lived abroad for 12 months continuously, these items have been used by you, the items will still be used by you in Norway and they do not look new.

Once your possessions arrive in Norway you should contact the Norwegian Customs Service which Greens can do on your behalf.

There are also a number of special import rules concerning items such as motor vehicles, weapons, plants, animals, alcohol and tobacco equipment, professional equipment and food products. Please contact Greens Removals in advance of your move to find out how they apply to you.

Click here to download Importation of Removal Goods Declaration Form (RD0030)

Removals to Norway: About Norway
Norway is a constitutional monarchy, officially known as the Kingdom of Norway and the present King is Harold V.

It is the most northern country in Europe and has a diverse landscape with soaring mountains and a dramatic fjord coastline.

The country enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world and much of this high standard of living can be attributed to the offshore discovery of oil and gas deposits in the 1960's.

If you require removals to Norway or any other European destination, an experienced removal company such as Greens can help you with every aspect of your move.

Greens Removals area member of BAR (British Association of Removers) which means we comply with strict guidelines and we will do all we can to ensure all your possessions and valuables arrive safely at their destination.

Removals to Norway: Population
Norway has a population of just under five million and most people live in the towns and cities, rather than the countryside.

Removals to Norway: Climate
Norway is on the same latitude as Alaska, Siberia and also Greenland. It is not quite as chilly as these areas but you would expect to see snow on the ground for at least a quarter of the year.

In the northern most part of the country you get long periods of continuous daylight for up to two and a half months of the year. Temperatures range from 22 C to - 10 C, depending on where you live and the time of year. In Norway, there are often experience extreme temperature changes such as heavy rainfall and gales, so do wrap up warm and wear waterproofs.

Removals to Norway: Religion
The majority of the Norwegian population belong to the Church of Norway but only a small number of people attend church more than once a month. This is because many Norwegians like to keep their expression of religion private.

Outside the Church of Norway, the next largest religious community is the Humanist Movement followed by Islam, the Pentecostal Movement and the Roman Catholic Church.

Removals to Norway: Languages
Norwegian is the official language in Norway, which is closely related to Danish and Swedish, so it means people from all three countries are generally able to understand each other. English is the most widely used foreign language here, followed by German then French.

Removals to Norway: Currency
The Norwegian currency is called the Norwegian krone which is abbreviated as kr or NOK. 100 ore makes up a Norwegian krone.

Removals to Norway: Cost of Living
Ex-pats find it is very expensive to live here as the costs such as housing, food, alcohol and transport are very high. In fact Norway is the most expensive European country to live in.

Removals to Norway: Employment
UK citizens don't need a work permit, along with other citizens of the EU. However, you do have to register for a residence permit within three months of arriving in Norway to live.

Removals to Norway: Education
Education is compulsory in Norway for all children and is free right the way through upper and secondary level. Higher education fees are fairly minimal. Kindergartens are fee paying however.

Private or independent schools must follow set criteria to be authorised by the government and qualify for government funding.

Removals to Norway: Health
If you are moving to Norway to work, all citizens and those working in the country are eligible for the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme. This gives members an entitlement to pensions and many other benefits including disability, single parent families and maternity benefits.

Norway also benefits from a universal public health system for all its citizens and residents and this is financed by taxes.

Removals to Norway: Additional Information.
Norway is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

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Moving to Norway Information

Removals to Norway - Guide to Oslo