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Removals to Africa | Shipping to Algeria

Moving house, let alone moving to another continent, can seem daunting at first. So, if you require removals to Africa, you will want a company that you can rely on. Fortunately, Greens Removals has four decades experience in overseas removals including removals to Africa and shipping to Africa.

Many people make the move abroad for a variety of reasons, although the most popular is a job move. Whatever your circumstances for removals to Africa, shipping to Africa and settling in Algeria, here at Greens Removals we do all we can to ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Greens Removals are a UK based firm who have a wealth of experience in world-wide removals and storage. We know that removals to Africa can be fairly complex, as there are local customs rules and regulations to adhere to. However, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you every step of the way and will assist you with all the paperwork related to removals to Africa.

Our removals to Africa service includes shipping to Africa in full or part load 20 ft and 40 ft containers, air freight, storage, packing and/or unpacking. We have various packing materials to assist you in your move if you would prefer to do your own packing. This includes the sale of strong boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

In addition, we also offer the shipment of specialist items, including vehicles and bulky goods. We also offer a range of insurance packages for domestic and commercial removals to Africa, to give you complete reassurance.

If you have any questions about our removals to Africa service, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team at Greens who will be happy to help.

Removals to Africa - click here for full information on the service we provide, or click here for a shipping to Africa quote.

Living in Algeria, Africa

Algeria is in North Africa and was a French colony until 1962. Most of the country is in the Sahara desert and Algeria is known to have the biggest sand dunes (known as ergs). It is also known for its many ancient ruins and breathtaking buildings.

Although Algeria was a French colony, the official language is Arabic and this is spoken by 80 per cent of the population. However, many of the locals are bilingual and speak both Arabic and French.

Algeria is regarded as a fairly liberal nation as equality for women is protected in both the law and constitution. The country is home to many well educated women in high positions - most of the university students are female and indeed most lawyers and judges in the country are also female.

Weather in Algeria

The weather in the country is dry to semi-dry with hot, dry summers. Sandy or dusty winds (sirocco) are common in the summer.

Religion in Algeria

Algeria is a Muslim country and most of the population follow Sunni Islam. The remaining one per cent of those who live here are Christians and there is also a very small Jewish population.

Population and Economy in Algeria

Algeria has a population of 37 million and most people live in the northern coastal regions. The biggest export is fossil fuels and this makes up 30 per cent of the GDP. Nearly 15 per cent of the population work in agriculture growing, among other things, olives, wheat, barley and citrus fruits.

Food and Culture in Algeria

If you require removals to Africa and shipping to Africa to settle in Algeria, you won't be disappointed by the food.

You will find many delicious dishes on the menu including: couscous, a char-grilled lamb dish called Mechoui, Algerian pizza and tangine, to name a few.

Lifestyle and Etiquette in Algeria

Algeria is a mainly Muslim country so it is important to be respectful at all times and to dress modestly.

Although it is possible to buy alcohol in some places, this varies according to where you live and some cities do ban shops selling alcohol and also forbid bars.

If you are female, some religious men will not shake hands with you, as a sign of respect. Honour and status is important so make sure you address people by their title and then their surname.

It is important to give people gifts, although never bring alcohol if you are invited to a person's home. Flowers such as roses, pastry or fruit will suffice and bring some sweets for the children.

If you are attending a family meal, take your shoes off at the door and always address the oldest person first, then greet people from the right as you move around the room. At the table, you will normally eat with your right hand and you must wash your hands before and after the meal.

Always leave something on your plate after eating, or your plate will get filled up again.

Removals to Africa - click here for furll information on the service we provide, or click here for a shipping to Africa quote.

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