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Shipping to Kenya | Removals to Africa

If you are relocating to Africa, and require shipping to Kenya, adjusting to a change in culture and lifestyle can feel daunting at first. However, moving to a new place - especially a new continent - is also filled with exciting opportunities and you will find plenty to inspire and delight you in Kenya.

Greens are a UK based firm specialising in international removals to Kenya and all other African countries. We have more than 40 years' experience in overseas removals, including removals to Africa and are experienced in shipping to Kenya. We will assist you in your move to any part of the country including the capital, Nairobi, which is the most popular city for expats to move to and settle in.

Our removals to Kenya service can include a combination of any of the following: short or long term storage, packing and unpacking, shipping to Kenya in full or part load containers (20 ft or 40 ft containers) and air freight. We also provide specialist removals to Kenya and provide full insurance, to give you complete peace of mind.

Shipping to Kenya - contact us now to discuss your requirements or click here for a shipping to Africa quote.

International removals to Kenya will involve some degree of complexity as there are local customs regulations to adhere to. However, to help the whole process run smoothly our experienced staff will assist you with all paperwork in relation to shipping to Kenya. We will also appoint a specialist move manager who will keep you fully informed throughout your move, so it runs quickly and efficiently.

Greens provide household and commercial shipping to Kenya and will tailor our services to suit your individual requirements. If you have any queries about removals to Kenya, contact our friendly and reliable team who will be happy to help.

Shipping to Kenya: About Kenya

Kenya is full of surprises and is a very beautiful county to move to with stunning coastline, mountains, deserts, rainforests and some fantastic national parks where you can see giraffes, elephants and wildebeest.

If you require removals to Kenya, this fascinating developing East African country offers an exciting opportunity to live in a new culture and surroundings and you will always find something in Kenya to fascinate or inspire you.

Shipping to Kenya: Weather

You can expect to see sun all year round, although the rainy seasons are March -June and October-December. February and March are the hottest times of year and July and August are the coldest. The weather tends to be tropical in the coastal areas, dry in the north and temperate inland.

Shipping to Kenya: Religion

Some 80 per cent of the population of Kenya consider themselves Christian (Roman Catholic or Protestant) and just over 10 per cent are Muslim. There is also a Hindu population of about half a million people.

Shipping to Kenya: Population and Economy

Many expats settle in the capital, Nairobi, which is a very cosmopolitan city with a strong British presence. It is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in the country and around a tenth of the country's 43 million people live there.

Nairobi is home to one of the largest stock exchanges in Africa which makes ten million trades a day. In addition to the Nairobi Stock Exchange, thousands of Kenyan businesses and well over a hundred major international companies are based in the city.

A large proportion of the country's GDP is based on tourism, mainly from UK and German visitors who head for the country's beaches and game reserves. Other major contributors to the economy are the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

Shipping to Kenya: Food and Culture

Just as in the UK, in Kenya it is common to have three meals a day. This generally starts with porridge, boiled potatoes or yams in the morning. Stews are quite commonly eaten for lunch or for supper.

Eating out is cheaper in Kenya than in the UK, but not dramatically so. There are some wonderful places to eat in Kenya with a whole variety of different cuisines.

Street food is well worth trying and is safe to eat. Some of the food you can expect to see are Pilau (a chicken and rice dish), cabbage and rice, and samosas.

Shipping to Kenya: Lifestyle and Etiquette for Expats

You will most likely find Kenya a very friendly place to live and settle. The language is Swahili, so if you are moving here it is well worth learning at least a little to help you adjust to the new country and to get out and about. However, English is also one of the official languages in Kenya and you will find most people are fluent.

If you are moving to Kenya there are certain customs and etiquette to help your move run smoothly.

Handshakes are a common form of greeting for all sexes and the word jambo, or 'How are you?' is said just beforehand.

Dress smartly and conservatively at all times as sloppy dressing or wearing revealing clothes will lose respect. While it is OK to wear beachwear on the beach, it is not fine to wear it around town.

Losing your temper is also considered rude, so it is always best to smile and be polite at all times.

It is advisable not to kiss or engage in heavy petting in public and homosexuality is outlawed, although it is common to see people of the same sex holding hands, especially during conversation.

For removals to Kenya, contact us today for a low cost quote. We offer competitive removals to Kenya and are BAR registered for international removals, so you can be assured of the best possible service.

Removals to Kenya - contact us now to discuss your requirements or click here for a shipping to Africa quote.

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