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Removals to America – Shipping to Colorado

A number of British firms are currently building major links with Colorado, and as a result many people undertaking removals to America are travelling to the region. It was recently estimated that UK businesses have invested around £3billion in the state, as well as employing many thousands of US people – and this is also leading to more British employees of those firms working there.

Colorado is one of the top US states in terms of business performance, including high-tech industries, science and mineral extraction. Many different items are manufactured here, ranging from beer to processed food and chemical products, and the Federal Government is also a major employer in the state.

If you are planning a move to Colorado, Greens are the experts in organising international removals to USA and we can arrange everything for you. We will transport your business or household goods in dedicated or shared containers, with air freight as another option, and we also offer a whole package of services to make your move go smoothly. Greens can organise your move to cities in Colorado, such as Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora and Fort Collins, as well as arranging removals to other states in the USA, including Ohio, Florida, California, New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

Removals to America follow the link for more details or click here for a Shipping to Colorado quote.

Removals to Colorado, America: Living in Colorado

Colorado is nicknamed the Centennial State, because it was finally admitted as a state of the USA in 1876, the year which marked the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. It is a western state with a population of more than five million, a figure which is growing as more people move there for its varied employment opportunities. The landscape varies from the Rocky Mountains to the Eastern Plains, meaning that there are also major contrasts in climate, but overall the state can have as many as 300 sunny days each year. During the winter, there are high levels of snow in Colorado's mountain areas.

Native Americans have lived in the Colorado region for many thousands of years. Spanish conquistadors were the first Europeans to arrive in the state, during the 16th century, and there were many rival claims to the territory over the centuries. The mid-19th century saw a major gold rush when nuggets were discovered in the Rocky Mountains region, leading to around 100,000 gold seekers arriving in the area. This population boom led to the rapid growth of Denver, which began as a mining town and expanded into a major city, now the state capital.

Coal mining developed as another important industry in the state. The 20th century also saw a growth in both agriculture, particularly livestock, and tourism, including the establishment of ski resorts during the 1930s. In recent years, the state has seen growth in various sectors, as its economy has diversified.

Removals to Colorado, USA: What Are the Top Places to Visit?

More than 50 million tourists visit Colorado annually, attracted by the spectacular landscapes featured in so many movie Westerns. Outdoor adventure holidays are highly popular here, with a top location being the Rocky Mountain National Park. It has trails covering over 350 miles, as well as five visitor centres, and offers activities ranging from hiking to riding and white-water rafting. Another major attraction is Pikes Peak, which became the symbol of the 1859 gold rush. More than 500,000 people travel to the summit by rail every year, while around 15,000 set out to make the climb under their own steam.

One celebrated archaeological attraction is the Garden of the Gods, a park in Colorado Springs created around prehistoric red rock formations. Another is the Mesa Verde National Park in Montezuma County, which contains more than 4,500 historic sites spread over 80 square miles, including cliff dwellings created by the Ancestral Puebloan people. There are also many more areas of the great outdoors to discover, from the Colorado National Monument, a nature reserve with canyons and rocks near Grand Junction, to the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, which contains the highest dunes in the USA.

During the winter, top skiing destinations include the world-famous Aspen in the Rockies, which plays host to the rich and famous, as well as Vail and Breckenridge. There are also many hot springs to visit, at resorts like Glenwood, where you can soak in giant pools. Of course, Colorado's cities are also major draws for visitors. Denver's attractions include the Elitch Gardens amusement and water park, and a zoo, aquarium and botanic gardens, as well as many historic landmarks.

Removals to Colorado, USA: Accommodation for Expats

Denveris a popular destination with UK expats moving house to America. One popular neighbourhood is the growing area of Stapleton, where new housing developments are being built, while the Lowry and Washington Park areas are also in demand. There are several British-style pubs in the city, and there are also international schools in the area. The expat community organises meet-ups for Brits living in the state capital.

Aurora, adjacent to Denver, is another city where many British people embarking on removals to America decide to live, as the property prices here are often lower than in Denver itself. Prices of course vary, depending on many factors, but a three-bedroom rented apartment in central Denver might cost around £1,200 a month, while the monthly rent for a similar property in a suburb could average at around £900.

Moving to Colorado: Out and About in Colorado

Road transport is the most important means of getting about for most people living in Colorado. The state has a network of major highways including interstate routes running from both east to west and north to south. Because the state has no coast, air travel is especially important here, and Denver International is one of the world's busiest airports. Within the city of Denver, there is an integrated system of transport including buses and light rail, while the state as a whole also has various bus and train services.

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