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Moving to Florida

Removals to USA | Shipping to Florida

Sunny Florida isn't just a top holiday destination, but also a popular choice for British people undertaking removals to USA, including many who decide to retire there. It's estimated that around 400,000 UK expats live in the state, and the British top the list of foreign property buyers.

However, even though you are bound to meet many fellow-Brits in Florida, moving around 4,400 miles will still inevitably mean a major culture shock and change your whole way of life. If you are also relocating your business there, you will also have various other complications to face. The good news is that specialist UK-based firm Greens Removals can organise the removals for you to take the stress out of the whole process and ensure it all goes smoothly.

Greens, who are British Association of Removals (BAR) registered, organise moves all over the world and have carried out a large number of removals to America. We will transport your household or business possessions to your chosen destination, whether it is a city in Florida such as Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando or Tampa, or another American location such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City or Chicago.

Our comprehensive range of services includes shipping your business or household contents in a dedicated 20ft or 40ft container, or groupage, where you share a container with other cargo. You can also choose air freight instead, or as well, if you prefer. We will either supply all the strong boxes, paper and tape you need to pack, or do the packing for you, professionally — together with unpacking at the other end. Specialist transport for items like pets and valuables is another part of our removals to USA service, along with insurance. You can choose as many or as few of these options as you wish, as we will discuss your move with you and give a personal service geared to what you want. We will also deal with all the legal requirements and Customs paperwork on your behalf.

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Removals to Florida, USA: Living in Florida

About a million British holidaymakers travel to Florida every year, attracted by the weather and the famous theme parks. But the Sunshine State has a lot more to offer than just its major tourist attractions, as hundreds of thousands of Brits who have set up home there will agree.

The state is only the 22nd largest in the USA in terms of land mass, but it has the fourth largest population, with more than 19 million inhabitants. It was named by Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who was the first European to arrive in the area, in 1513, and gave it the name "La Florida," which translates into English as "flowery land".

Britain gained control of Florida in 1763, but it later returned to Spanish control before eventually becoming the 27th state of the USA in 1845. It was one of the Confederate states in the American Civil War. For centuries, Florida's economy centred on its agriculture, including its famous fruit, and it was sparsely populated; but in the 1920s tourism started to take off there and land prices boomed as a result. After the Second World War, the population grew fast as the state's growing economy attracted people from across the USA and abroad, including large numbers from Britain.

Most of Florida has a subtropical climate, but, because most areas of the state are near to the ocean, that helps to keep the temperatures from becoming uncomfortably high. During the summer, the average temperature ranges from about 27°C in the Florida Keys area down to 21°C in the north of the state. The weather also tends to be mild during the winter, which is one of the attractions for people deciding to retire to Florida. However, the state does have a risk of hurricanes.

Removals to Florida, USA: Places to Visit

So what are the places in Florida which any visitor, or expat setting up home there, should make a vow to see? The state is famous for its beaches, and among the best of these is Fort Lauderdale, on the Atlantic Coast, which is the crowning glory of a city known as the "Venice of America" because of its canals and boats. Another great tourist draw is Miami's South Beach, which has glorious white sands and is known for its art deco architecture and varied nightlife.

The Florida Keys are another must, with around a million tourists heading for Key West alone every year. This famous 120-mile chain of islands, featured in a host of movies and TV productions, starts from the south-eastern end of the Florida peninsula, and provides a holiday paradise with all kinds of attractions, from diving and snorkelling to just relaxing over a fresh seafood meal.

Equally celebrated is a very different landscape, the Everglades national park, which covers nearly one-and-a-half million acres and is known as a vast "river of grass", with a wealth of rare wildlife including manatees and bottle-nosed dolphins. Camping, hiking and boating are all popular pastimes here.

Of course, the state's theme parks are a massive draw, with the most popular undoubtedly being Walt Disney World, near Florida, the world's largest resort of its type, featuring four different parks. Universal Orlando Resort is also extremely popular, including the Wizarding World of Harry Potter among its attractions, while Sea World is another famous park.

Removals to Florida, USA: Accommodation for Expats

The most popular areas of Florida for British people undertaking removals to the United States are the Miami-Dade and Broward counties, both in the Miami metropolitan area, followed by Orlando and Tampa. Accommodation prices vary, but, as a rough guide and on 2013 prices, a three-bedroom apartment in Miami, outside the city centre, could cost around £1,400 a month, while a similar apartment in the city centre might cost an average of £2,000. Prices in Orlando tend to be lower, as a three-bedroom let outside the city centre could cost around £760 a month, with an average cost of £1,270 for a similar apartment in a central location.

Moving to Florida: Out and About in Florida

Transport options will vary depending to the area of the state you are living in, and in many parts of Florida cars are the main means of transport, with a network of interstate highways. However, major cities like Miami and Jacksonville have a wide range of public transport options, including trains, buses and trolleybuses. The state also has several major international airports as well as smaller secondary airports.

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