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Removals to USA – Shipping to Texas

Texas is the destination for many British expats seeking removals to USA. The Lone Star State's large and diverse economy means that many businesses relocate there, and urban centres have been growing in recent years, bringing varied job opportunities. It's all a long way removed from the old Texan image in Western movies, and chances are that you will need to pack a lot more than a cowboy hat and a pair of blue jeans.

However, Greens Removals can help to make the process of moving your family or business across the Atlantic much simpler. We have wide experience of arranging removals to the USA including cities in Texas such as Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Fort Worth and El Paso, as well as cities across America, from Washington DC and New York to Los Angeles.

We will offer you a package of services during shipping to USA, including any of the following: Transport of your household or workplace contents in dedicated sealed 20ft, 40ft or 45ft containers; Use of shared/ groupage containers if you do not have enough goods to need a whole container; An excess baggage service for smaller items; Air freight; Specialist transport for items such as pianos or vehicles; Professional packing and unpacking; Providing materials for you to pack yourself if preferred.

Our removals experts will take charge of the whole move and give you expert advice all the way from the initial discussion to arrival at your new home. We will help you with Customs forms and legal paperwork and we also offer a full insurance service for shipping to USA. Greens are registered with the British Association of Removals, showing that you can rely on us.

Removals to USA - get in touch for details about moving to Texas or you can click here for a free Shipping to Texas quote.

Removals to Texas, USA: Living in Texas

Texas is the second largest American state in terms of both land space, covering nearly 270,000 square miles, and population, with more than 26 million inhabitants. Situated in the south-central area of the USA, it has a diverse landscape, ranging from plains and prairies to canyons, deserts and remote mountain ranges. Although Texas might not be one of the top destinations for British tourists visiting America, its popularity is growing, with more tour operators now offering trips there.

The climate varies widely because of the sheer size of the state, which means it falls into several different zones. Most areas have hot summers, while winters are mild in areas like the Gulf Coast, but colder in the Panhandle region. Some areas of Texas do have risks of hurricanes and tornadoes.

Many Native American tribes were the first inhabitants of Texas, and the name of the state is derived from the word Tejas, meaning friends in the language of the Caddo tribes. Spanish conquistadors first arrived in the area in 1519 and, over succeeding years, there were many rival land claims involving France, Spain and Mexico. After a brief spell as an independent republic, Texas became the 28th state of the US in 1845, but then seceded to join the Southern Confederate States during the American Civil War.

During the 19th century, ranching, cotton and timber were all important industries in the state. Then the early 20th century saw the Oil Boom, starting when a large reserve was discovered near Beaumont. Texas quickly became a major oil-producing state, with Houston rapidly expanding to become one of the largest cities in the USA, and the area was fast industrialised. The economy of Texas has diversified in recent years, with high-tech industries becoming important, and this is one reason why many people undertaking removals to USA are moving to the state.

Removals to Texas, USA: Places to Visit

The first thing many people think of when Texas is mentioned is the Wild West, and tourists can visit many ranches and historic working farms to get a taste of the cowboy way of life. Rodeos and stage shows are all part of the experience. A more modern ranch also proving a big draw is Southfork, offering fans of TV's Dallas the chance to see where JR and the rest of the Ewings lived.

However, there is a lot more to see in Texas than just ranches and cowboys. The state has a vast array of spectacular scenery, including the Padre Island National Seashore, with 70 miles of dunes and beaches. The Big Bend National Park in the south-west includes amazing canyons around the Rio Grande, hot springs and the Chisos Mountain Range Basin. This is just one of a host of state parks across Texas, including all kinds of landscapes, from plains to mountains and rivers, as well as a rich variety of wildlife.

One top historic visitor attraction is the Alamo, site of the battle during the Texan war of independence against Mexico. More than 2,500,000 people visit every year to see the old mission where a small group, including Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, held out for 13 days during the famous siege before finally losing their lives. Another major draw is the historic Riverwalk in San Antonio, a public park where you can eat aboard one of the river boats or visit a host of businesses lining the shore.

Drawing on more recent history, the Houston Space Center is another must for many visitors to America. It gives a chance to see where the NASA missions were carried out, and there is even an interactive exhibit where you can have the feeling of what it is like to travel in space. Theme parks include Sea World in San Antonio and the Schlitterbahn Park at New Braunfels, which has an array of exciting water rides.

Removals to Texas, USA: Accommodation for Expats

Many British expats undertaking removals to America are likely to live in or around Houston, the largest city in Texas, which is a major centre for the oil industry. Other major cities with expat communities include Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin (the state capital) and San Antonio.

Renting an apartment in central Houston could vary from an average of £800 for a one-bedroom monthly let to £1,500 for three bedrooms, while if you live further out the prices range from an average of £500 for one bedroom to £1,000 for three bedrooms. The prices could be much higher in a sought-after area of the city.

Moving to Texas: Out and About in Texas

The most popular method of transport in Texas is by car, and the state has nearly 80,000 miles of freeways to travel. Texas does not have many passenger railways outside the cities, so there is often little alternative to driving. However, the state is home to several major airports, including the massive Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, which is the fourth largest in the world. Large metropolitan areas like Houston and Dallas have a range of public transport options, including buses and light rail systems.

Removals to USA - click here for detailed information on moving to Texas, or contact us for a free Shipping to USA quote.

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