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Removals to Hong Kong - Shipping to Asia

Greens Removals provide domestic and commercial international removals to all overseas destinations including removals to Hong Kong. We are experienced in shipping to Asia and have an excellent reputation for reliable and efficient overseas moves.

For removals to Hong Kong, you can be assured that everything will go smoothly as we are British Association of Removers (BAR) registered for international moves and comply with their strict guidelines. We are also proud to have all three of the European standards relevant to the removals industry so you can be assured of a first class service and the safe arrival of your possessions at their destination.

We provide shipping to all destinations on the Asian continent including removals to Hong Kong, shipping to China, removals to India, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore and Vietnam.

If you require packing materials for removals to Hong Kong, we sell strong boxes, tape and bubble wrap, so your possessions are kept secure during your move. However, if you want us to take this responsibility off your hands, we also have an experienced team to do the packing for you, and we can unpack once we reach your destination to help your move go smoothly door to door.

Removals to Hong Kong - contact us now to discuss your move requirements or click here for a free Shipping to Hong Kong quote.

Our removals to Hong Kong service is designed to suit individual needs and we offer a range of services from storage, to shipment in full or part load 20 ft. or 40 ft. containers. To find out more about removals to Hong Kong, contact our professional removals team and discover how we can help take a load off your hands!

Removals to Hong Kong: Working in Central

As Hong Kong is part of The People's Republic of China, its capital is in fact Beijing. The old administrative capital used to be called Victoria, but is widely known as Central, and serves as the administrative, political and financial hub of Hong Kong Island. Here's Greens Removal's brief guide to Hong Kong's Central Business District.

The skyline of Hong Kong's Central Business District is easily identifiable by towering skyscrapers, including the Bank of China skyscraper, which is one of the most recognisable buildings in Central and stands at 315m high. It was once the tallest building in Asia and you can marvel at the views from this incredible structure as the building's 43rd floor is open to public viewing.

Hong Kong is one of the leading international financial centres in the world. It also has a highly developed capitalist economy, ranked the freest in the world by the Index of Economic Freedom. If you are moving to Hong Kong to work, there could be some great opportunities open to you - especially as more than 8 per cent of households in Hong Kong own £1 million or more!

Hong Kong is booming and offers many opportunities for expats, many of whom take up jobs in the finance industry, or senior management positions within multi-national companies. The number of expats in Hong Kong is on the rise, tempted by low taxes which mean employees take up to 30 per cent more home in their pay.

However, Hong Kong is not all about hard graft, the Central district is also a major tourist draw, with many wonderful places to visit.

Removals to Hong Kong: Places to Visit in Central

Aside from its skyscrapers, there are some fascinating attractions in and around Hong Kong's Central Business District which are well worth a visit if you are moving here to climb further up the career ladder.

A must see is Man Mo Temple, which you can find huddled among the antique shops of Hollywood Road, Soho. It is Hong Kong Island's oldest temple and has an incredible, colourful and intricate interior which provides a peaceful haven away from the hustle and bustle of the financial district.

Another place to head for is The Peak, one of the highest points on the island. Take a tram to reach the viewing galleries, where you can enjoy spectacular views or beat the crowds and take a circular walk along Tregunter Path and Harlech Road to see Hong Kong Island from a different perspective.

If you enjoy shopping, Central is the place to head for as it has all sorts of stores from upmarket designer shops, such as Chanel, Cartier and Ralph Lauren, to quirky stores or high street brands. For something different, Hollywood Road is filled with interesting antique shops.

Removals to Hong Kong: Accommodation for Expats

The cost of living is high in Hong Kong and you get less for your money as will find the rental apartments quite small. In some circumstances it is possible to negotiate a housing allowance with your employer, so do try to do this if you can. If you can't, make sure you shop around for apartment rentals.

The further away you live from the Central Business District, the cheaper the prices, but you can expect to pay anything from £1,000 for a small apartment (50m sq.) to £6,500 a month for something more luxurious in an upmarket area.

Leases range from 12 - 24 months and you can expect to pay between one to three months' rent deposit in advance. It is also possible to negotiate a six month or a year's break in the contract, if you are not likely to stay this long.

Removals to Hong Kong: Out and About in Central

If you are working in Central but have an apartment away from the district, the good news is the transport system is reliable and most residential areas connect with the Central Business District.

Getting out and about is easy as Central is a main transport hub and from here you can take the bus, tram, metro or ferry, to get to your destination.

The Airport Express at Central will take you to Hong Kong International Airport and this is one of the busiest airports in the world as it transports an average of 47 million passengers a year.

Removals to Hong Kong - contact us now to discuss your move requirements or click here for a free Shipping to Hong Kong quote.

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