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Removals to Europe: Top Places to Relocate to in Europe

More than five million of the UK population have upped sticks and moved abroad, in search of a better lifestyle, a warmer climate, or greater job opportunities. Of these, an estimated 750,000 have chosen a European country to move to; and for us at Greens, this means regular requests for removals to Europe.

But where in Europe do us Brits tend to go? The answer is of course, "all over the place" but among the most popular destinations are Spain, France and Germany.

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Moving to Europe: Which are the Most Popular Places British People Move to?

The latest figures from Eurostat and the Office for National Statistics show that Spain leads the field when Brits look for removals to Europe. Nearly 391,000 of us headed out there as compared to the 150,000 that went to France and the 104,175 that left for Germany.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to move abroad, whether it be to Spain, France or Germany, you can look forward to a low-stress, affordable lifestyle which is likely to be much healthier too. Most of us dream of retiring or relocating to somewhere warmer. We would happily leave behind the snow and the cold of the English winter, together with our old 9-to-5 jobs and move to a country where the weather is reliably warm and sunny. It is easier and more appealing to spend more time outside in the fresh air, enjoying alfresco meals and you may well find yourself easing into a more active lifestyle with lots of exercise - which health experts agree is the key to youthful looks, longevity and vitality.

You may choose to take up an outdoor sporting activity, one which you'd have previously ruled out because of the cold weather. Perhaps golf, hiking or fishing might appeal, or maybe swimming or strolling on the beach could become part of your new healthier lifestyle. If you move to a city, you may prefer to walk to the shops and markets and explore the area on foot. With an adventure or new discovery around every corner, a long walk need not even feel like exercise.


So what exactly is the draw to Spain? Sun, sea and sand mostly. Many of the British expats that move to Spain, do so for its climate and its easy pace of life. They will have made their money back in the UK and retired to Spain or have bought a second home here and come over for regular well earned breaks. Many people move to Spain, for their health, the warm climate helping to ease such pains as arthritis, relieving stress and reducing blood pressure.

Ranked 7th in the world for its quality of life, you can also enjoy a lower cost of living in Spain. The Costa del Sol is a very popular relocation destination along with areas such as Alicante and Malaga. It is generally considered to be the place where you get your most space for your money in the warmer parts of Europe.


Those that move to France may well be attracted for similar reasons. The south of France which borders Spain has all the sun, sea and sand that you could wish for and is similarly hot. Central and western France however, is that bit more lush and green, making it the perfect wine growing region. France has everything, from the glitz and glamour of the south to the rustic beauty of Brittany to the spectacular scenery of the French Alps. In the main, the Brits who emigrate here do so in search of the beautiful countryside with its chateaux or gite style properties, safe in the knowledge that the UK is just across the water. As many Britons have at least some familiarity with the French language, the transition to life in France is that much easier compared to some other countries.

Moving to France may actually help you to live longer too. A recent survey carried out by INSEE, France's National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, showed that France's centenarian ratio outranks that of the United States and Japan. France has low rates of heart disease, which, it is suggested by some, could be the result of eating everything, but in moderation. Others put it down to the consumption of red wine, something which features regularly in the French diet. Red wine contains high levels of procyanadin which is found in Tannat grapes from the Southwest region. Experts say this is beneficial for blood vessels.


Germany is Europe's largest economy and many European and international firms have their headquarters or offices here. Its central position with regard to the rest of Europe makes it an ideal location from which to access other parts of the continent and its extremely effective communications network makes this task even easier.

Those that emigrate to Germany, tend to do so for business purposes though of course family and friends will have a similar draw to the region. The language is very different to that of France and Spain, despite its proximity but again, since German is frequently taught in many British schools, it shouldn't be hard, for the children at least, to pick it up and once there, immersed in the language and the culture, even the adults will pick it up quite easily. Another great wine producing region, the countryside is lush and green and like its neighbours, France and Spain, picturesque in the extreme.

At Greens Removals we specialise in low cost removals to Europe so whichever part of the continent you are relocating to, you can be assured of a reliable, professional removals service, that won't cost the earth. We have over 40 years experience in the business and are back and forth from Europe regularly.

All our removals are individually tailored to your exact requirements. We offer full and half load removals with assistance from local agents and partners across Europe and we stand by our reputation. We will move your possessions with expert care and attention.

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